Kash Patel Makes Sense of the Michael Sussman Trial


A friend of the show who has been monitoring the Michael sussman trial, and does a great job. His cash Patel, and cash Patel knows a lot of things happening out there that are below the surface. If you know what I mean, you know what I mean. Cash, welcome back to the program. Charlie, thanks so much for having me. I love the backdrop. Looking better and better every time. Yeah, thank you. We are in an undisclosed location in Indiana one of my favorite states. It doesn't get the attention it deserves. Cash what's going on in the sussman trial. We've been so distracted for good reason on the tragedy in Texas, World Health Organization, world health assembly, kind of catch us up kind of get us up to speed here. What's going on in the Michael sussman trial? Okay, real quick. So the government and the defense have rested their cases. That means they're done presenting evidence. So tomorrow, the judge, excuse me, the trial attorneys for John Durham and the attorneys for the defense will give their closing arguments to the jury. And the case is very simple in terms of evidence that actually is going to be used to convict Michael sussman. One, the deposition transcript of my interrogation of Michael sussman from 2018, which the whole world can see on Durham watch dot com. Where he said to me under oath. Hi, Michael sussman, I'm doing all this work, alpha bank stuff for the client, the client being Hillary Clinton. Michael sussman is now charged by John Dern with lying to the FBI because he went to the office with this alphabet nonsense. And this is what the evidence came out of trial and told the FBI. I'm here as quote a good Samaritan, not for anyone. The problem is you have the deposition, the testimony from the FBI, which they're dirty cops over there. So they're not that helpful. But if Michael Susan's own text message entered into evidence, the night before he went to the FBI, where he texted the head of the FBI's lawyer department and said, I'm coming to you as a good Samaritan. So did he lie to Congress or do you lie to the FBI? They're both illegal, but he's charged with lying to the FBI. And the kicker, the nice one is, the thumb drive that they loaded the alphabet fantasy on, paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign. Was bought by Michael sussman in Washington, D.C., and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign. They actually entered a receipt and billing record into

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