Mike Gallagher: Salzburg Is Famous for Two Things


Well, thanks, Carl, greetings from Salzburg, Austria, without a doubt, the most magnificent magical enchanted city I've ever seen in my life. I'm so glad we got to come to Salzburg. Of course, Salzburg is famous for two things for the tourists. Wolf Wolfgang, Amadeus Mozart. This was his birthplace, and where he spent much of his life. And of course, the sound of music, some scenes that were filmed there. The architecture, though, beautiful churches and cathedrals everywhere. This is a beautiful, beautiful Austrian city nestled on the river and with the Alps and the beautiful fortress believe it or not, overlooking the city that encloses all of it. Just the history, the charm, and of course everything is Mozart Mozart Mozart. This is where he was born. See this house here, with the yellow painting on the outside. That's the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He lived here for a number of years. He moved to Vienna, became disenchanted with Salisbury because he felt they didn't recognize his greatness and wow, his greatness, of course, prolific and felt the world over. Interesting facts about sound of music. We saw a couple of the places where the movie was filmed, including when Julie Andrews came running through the courtyard with her guitar. We saw where they had the big music festival where the von trapp family flat fleas at the end of the movie for the big dramatic finish, but our tour guide explained that locals don't really like the American version of the sound of music because the sound of music was the story of Maria von trapp was originally captured in the early 1950s by a German film. So the Broadway musical, which was mounted in 1959, and then the movie a few years later, for them was just a reprise and they didn't care. People in Austria and even Germany, they didn't care very much for the sound of music. Believe it

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