Eric Welcomes 'God, Caesar and Idols' Author Rick Boyer to the Show


So I'm thrilled to have the author of God Caesar and idols as my guest, Rick Boyer, welcome to the program. Thank you, Eric. I can't say enough how much respect I have for you and your organization and your commitment to a biblical worldview and the people of God, it is a tremendous service to the church and to the lord Jesus Christ. You're very kind. I think many people listen to this program of course who are not committed Christians who are all over the map. Ideologically. And I think I want to help them understand even why I'm a Christian and why I know that the founders understood there is no way for America to succeed without people of deep faith. And it kind of astonishes me as it clearly does you from the way you've written the book that we have drifted away from this. So before we get into the book itself, you're a constitutional lawyer living in Lynchburg, Virginia, your liberty grad, you said your dad is a liberty grad. What led you a lawyer to write a book called God Caesar and idols, the church and the struggle for America's soul. Well, my background really is in conservative activist politics. That's what's really floats my boat, if you will, and I've done that since I was a teenager. And after the, and I guess I went to law school specifically with the idea of learning the law learning how to apply it to politics. And of course, Liberty University school of law, you get a terrific education and the biblical foundations of American law. But after the 2017 elections here in Campbell county just outside of Lynchburg, Virginia, where I live, watching a elections for school board here in Campbell county, where some candidates were talking about, hey, we need to take a stand against the transgender craziness ideology in our schools and others were saying, no, that's not a big issue. Let's just find more tax money to support more programs. And I watched my community right here in the shadow of Liberty University. I watched my community what felt like changed gods right in front of my

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