Lia Thomas's Nomination Proves Women Are Erasing Themselves


The other idiot I wanted to bring up today is William Thomas. The transgender swimmer. Because now she's been nominated for woman of the year. Woman of the year guys, what the hell is wrong with the NCAA? This guy ranked nearly dead last when he swam against young men, pops a few hormone pills and presto change O maybe tucks his print to the right tapes it down. Now he's a woman. And then he jumps like 465 places to become the number one female swimmer, how can anybody accept this insanity? You know, girls in the quest to be seen as equals. Women seem to believe that in order to be seen as such, they must also surrender their femininity. But in doing so, they not only achieve that, but they've helped all but erase themselves. It's meaningless. They've turned everything into nothing. But this is Biden and the Democrats world,

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