AG Garland Memo: No Federal Indictment of Donald Trump Before November


Look at this ladies and gentlemen USA Today attorney general Merrick Garland memo suggests no federal indictment of Donald Trump before November election rights David Jackson Wait a minute Where did this come from This just came out today Well how do they know this Because Rachel mad cow apparently got the memo and made it public Made it public Now that they're really kind of zeroing in on Hunter Biden They want you to know this So it's in the Hunter Biden story It's now in USA Today talking about Donald Trump And they put it out there and how they put this out every year and so forth and so on And yet it will be used because the media are corrupt It'll be me it'll be used to defend the Biden crime family And all up to this point it's been utterly ignored as applies to the January 6th committee's effort To indict Trump world Trump and anybody that looks cross eyed

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