A Full Defense of '2000 Mules' With Dinesh D'Souza


Is taking the world by storm. The number 2000 mules dot com into the dinesh d'souza film research done by true the vote. We just had an unbelievable event. With dinesh here in Phoenix, Arizona. It was like 2000 people for 2000 mules, and with us right now to kind of give an update on how the film is doing. And also kind of go through some of these ridiculous fact checks that have emerged is the great dinesh d'souza dinesh welcome back to the program. Charlie always a pleasure and was really fun to be in Arizona and I mean the level of energy. People were really fired up and they want to they want to see some real change come out of this. They want the movie to be the propeller, but only the first step of a lot of things that have to happen next. Well, you've been doing a great job and we're starting to see, I think, a change in how the media is covering this. You're starting to see kind of a validation almost, where they are covering it now in The Washington Post and The Daily Beast. Albeit they're doing it sloppily dishonestly and in a way to try to delegitimize the film. But I think it does the opposite. I think it actually further platforms the movie. Let's just talk more broadly than we can get into specifics. What's your reaction on how this movie is being covered by the mainstream media? Well, it seems to me that they went and do phases. And the first phase, they unleashed some fact checkers, PolitiFact Ali swensen, AP, a couple of other articles, and they tried to be dismissive. Like geo tracking doesn't really work and those kinds of things, which were kind of manifestly absurd. And I think even the left realized that's really not going to do the job. So now they've unleashed their bigger guns, Philip bump of The Washington Post. That's a big New York Times article that seemingly underway hasn't come out yet. And NPR tried to sort of get us on the issue of an ancillary murder that's discussed in the movie as if to say, you know, we lied about it. So there's sort of the second wave of liberal attack, much more detailed, tries to be more sophisticated. But I think it's not, it's really not landing a real glove on the movie either.

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