Charlie's Take on Biden's Politicized, Polarizing Press Conference


Learn more as the days progress and Joe Biden is such a he's such a bad person. He really is. I don't say that lightly. I wish he was just a buffoon. But he, he's got something in him and that motivates him that is just about power and is about. It's about something that isn't about being president of the United States. So he had an opportunity to unite the country and to mourn and not overly politicize. Yesterday. Instead, he went right into DNC talking points, anti gun grabbing kind of sound bites. And I mean, I was traveling yesterday. I was doing a couple of things. We're going to be in Indiana tonight, by the way. And so I didn't really have I've watched zero cable news. Zero, since yesterday, and I encourage you to do that in times of mass tragedy like this, let's go to talk radio, listen to podcasts. I think it'll actually give you more clarity because cable news is just really trying to provoke a reaction with these things. It's life church is what it's called in Indiana, life church will be there with Micah beckwith. But Joe Biden went right in. Joe Biden said, look, I now we need to pass gun laws. We need to pass the assault weapon ban. Joe Biden did not miss a beat or an opportunity to try and resurrect his plummeting poll numbers to politically capitalize on the blood and the suffering and the tragedy of what happened Yuval day. And yes, I am accusing Joe Biden of politicizing this immediately. There is no other interpretation of it. The beginning

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