Caller Brent Has Some Very Kind Words for Officer Tatum


Brent from LA welcome to the off to Tatum show. Blessings to you officer Tatum. Yes. Thank you. Yes, you do not present with rants. You present with sublime spiritual soliloquies and righteous sermons and you are brilliant courageous and stunning and common sense and down home wisdom. And you have armies of angels, Americans and children cheering you on. So you keep asking how people can be so stupid. Heartless and hateful, especially towards children these days, unfortunately, there is an easy answer. The moment we are honest enough to identify exactly what we're looking at. This is pure satanism and evil and we must not fear to identify the Democrats as being the agents of the devil. They have indeed transitioned into atheism, socialism, communism, fascism, maoism, and Democrat progressivism are all the same monstrous manifestation simply wearing different masks of Satan. Brent, can you write my next book for me? I appreciate the kind words, man. I think that you are on .1 100%.

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