Mexico City Residents Angered by Influx of Americans Gentrifying Area


We've got a situation where yet another city has been overwhelmed by migrants and we've covered these stories for ages on this radio program. We're talking about 1.6 million. And they've invaded this big city, they are they're changing the customs. They're not learning the language. And people are really upset about all of this. Prices are going up. It turns out that areas, neighborhoods are now gentrifying, but the great the great irony here, it's not happening on our side of the border. It's actually happening south of the border in Mexico City. And the folks who live in Mexico City are enraged. And here's the reason why. They say that too many Californians are relocating to Mexico City. And when the Californians are coming in, they're not acclimating. So typically, let me give you an example. Here in the Deep South, we're very welcoming and affirming people. And I will use the people of the good people of North Carolina as an example. And especially you folks in the Winston Salem and Greensboro area. You guys have been literally overwhelmed by migrants coming from the northern states. Now, I have to imagine that early on in the process, you guys were like, hey y'all, come on over, you know, we'll take you down to the cracker barrel. We're gonna get you. We'll go down to biscuitville and get some iced tea, get to know the neighbors. And then once you got to know the neighbors, you realized that these people had no inclination of assimilating to the southern way of life. In other words, they not only packed their bags, but they packed their bagels with them, so they brightened up and there's nothing wrong with the bagel. Don't get me wrong. I like bagels, but the south is a biscuit region.

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