Was Paul Newman Bi-Sexual?


That led into my fascination with Paul Newman. I've always had a theory. The guy married Joanne Woodward who I think is plain Jane. This guy was the most beautiful man in Hollywood history, perhaps. He married plain Jane, and he was with us since they were studying acting in the city, like very young. Doesn't make any sense to me. And then the guy goes on to teach Tom Cruise how to drive race cars and I'm like, oh, this seems like a little bit of a may December romance to me. Then he makes salad dressing in popcorn. Come on. Macho men don't think of salad dressing recipes and the wrong with salad and popcorn. I just don't think most men think about their face on those products, but God bless you made millions and he gave it away. Good, good, good man. So I started looking into Paul Newman, and I always go to these gay sites because the gays know the gays know. And there's a bunch of stuff on this site. I gave to the patrons, and I'm going to talk about Paul Newman possibly being gay next week. I think it's a crazy story. I think people will be interested. But this is what I read on this gay site. During the making of cat on a hot tin roof, whole Newman, if you've seen the movie plays a repressed homosexual by the name of brick. James Dean was supposed to be lined up for that role, but he died in a car crash before production began, so it went to Newman. Now, in the film version, the direct homosexual references were taken out from the Tennessee Williams script in order to satisfy the current production codes, if you will. So the film script kind of dances around the reasons why brick and cat played by the gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor hadn't slept together in years. But the mention of the suicide of bricks close football chum skipper was kept in. Close football chump. That's the way things were mentioned back in the day if you want to talk about gay. He's my football chum. You know, oh, really? At one point, Paul Newman told Tennessee Williams. The role of brick is perfect for me. All my life I've been split into two different directions. One side of me wants to live life with my gay football buddy skipper. The other side is tempted to fuck the living shit at a Maggie the cat and be their heterosexual stud most of my fans want me to be. Um.

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