Clinton OK'D Leak to Reporter About Alleged Trump-Russia Tie


So on the day we find out that Hillary Clinton personally approved of the Russia collusion hoax which was used to spy on Donald Trump that's a fact It's not open for any debate libs stop foaming wipe yourselves clean yourselves up It's disgusting That is not open for debate We have the name of the actual spy no serious person disputes that multiple spies actually It's not just one Let's ask our friend asra about that So they all know So the FBI and the DoJ were weaponized to spy on candidate Trump and then president Trump And now the FBI the DoJ others liberals they're pushing for a domestic terrorism outfit here In the United States the only Republican who voted for is not really a Republican at all again is the hapless Adam kinzinger And enter The New York Times who you would think people would be the unit sphere of people who you would think would be the most skeptical about concentrated government power Using a domestic terror label to shut down dissent would be the media Nope no way You're going to wait a long time if you're waiting for that Here is our useful idiot of the day The New York Times is David leonhardt Who in order to of course to advance you know here's what happens right The left wing really wants this domestic terrorism unit within law enforcement agencies in the United States because they need a reason to investigate more parents at school board Over anything CRT sexualizing your kids They need this There's an election coming up They need to throw more people in the January 6 gulag So they need this here Because there is no domestic terrorism statute per se So they need something

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