Stephen Miller: Biden Is Purposely Destroying American Sovereignty


When you look at this administration Stephen Miller and you look at how they want to grant not just a foreign entity but a hostile foreign and any quite frankly the communist Chinese They want to grant them decisions about our health in the worst of conditions a pandemic where the people of the United States have no say Where something you're the top expert on we have a wide open border with people pouring in from all walks of life with all kinds of backgrounds from all corners of the world They are purposely this administration destroying American sovereignty every way they can aren't they It is by design It is planned that is intentional It is willful because what they hate the most is us all of us the voters the people of this country and we take another point that illustrates this very vividly look at the fight over roe V wade The whole fight over roe V wade is about whether or not citizens have the right to legislate protections for children They hate the concept of democratic governance They loathe the idea that the people that listen to your show they'll watch you on Fox News the great majority of people in this country would be able to govern themselves So the quickest way to eliminate that obstacle is to say we're not going to pass laws We're not going to pass treaties we're certainly not going to be responsive to American elections We're going to let third rate fascist and bullies in foreign countries including China tell us what we're going to do in our health agencies We want to tell you about it We'll just pick up the phone We'll call them We'll take our marching orders and by the time you find out what's happened to you it's probably too late

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