Surfer helps families honor loved ones with 'one last wave'


A surfer is helping families honor loved ones with one last wave When Dan Fisher catches a wave along the shores of Newport Rhode Island he pays tribute to his dad who died three years ago by writing his name on his surfboard When I felt deeply connected to him seeing his name on the board I decided to open it up to the world but I didn't have any expectations that it would resonate that it has Fisher created the one last wave project to use the healing power of the ocean to help families coping with loss We're going to put on kinley Sexton's name She was 6 years old when she passed away He then takes the board out and gives these people in spirit one last wave So when I look down and I see the water washing over their names I feel them close to me I feel as if they're out there with me on the board experiencing something that was so meaningful to them Fisher's first two boards are full of names He's working on a third I'm Ed

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