Exposing the Charlatans of Black Lives Matter


Well, Mike, I want to start out by just talking about Black Lives Matter. You know, we've heard of the controversy of Patrice colors and a spending of Black Lives Matter and that to me is the smoke. I mean, that is the fire, the blaze and the fire, but the smoke, which is what kills most people in these fire situations according to my father who was a firefighter. The smoke inhalation is what kills people. So I want you to dive into for the audience the smoke inhalation effect of the residual effect of what Black Lives Matter has done, not just necessarily the financial issues. Yeah, I'm very happy you put it that way because what I always say is that look, apparently there's grift involved, they have bought these mansions and Toronto and Southern California, in other places. But to me there will always be grifters. This is actually a feature not a bug of communism, brezhnev and andropov all had their hunting villas called dashas in the Russian countryside, Fidel Castro died a billionaire. To me, much more important than this is the ideology of the black lives matters organizations and allow me here a Brandon to make a difference. I don't talk about the concept, I embrace the concept. Black Lives Matter to me, it's important to assert that Black Lives Matter. I believe that. Disagree with me. But I believe that it's important to assert it because of history that we don't even need to explain. The organizations and their founders, though, is what matters to me because the Black Lives Matter global network foundation were founded by committed, I would say fanatical marxists whose project is central planning who really just use social justice as a fig leaf and who are having a huge impact on our lives today.

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