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Derek Chapman, President And Hennepin County discussed on WIBC Programming


So the governor Tim walls as violent and destructive protest shake the streets of Minneapolis for a fourth night thousands of people ignoring a curfew which were expressed outrage over the death of George Floyd a black man who died after a white police officer killed his knee on his neck you need to go home the purpose of this and we're seeing it spread across the country is making it more difficult to get to the point where we can deal with these issues stores have been looted and several fires have been burning for hours we as a city are so much more than this we is the city can be so much better than this Minneapolis mayor Jacob fry the chaos spilling over to cities across the country police cars torched in New York Atlanta and Richmond Virginia in Detroit one person was killed after police say someone in an S. U. V. sprayed bullets into a crowd of demonstrators in San Jose authorities say an SUV plowed into a crowd of protesters before speeding off at least two people were hurt with more protests anticipated the Pentagon has ordered the army to put several military police units on alert they could be deployed to Minneapolis the police officer at the center of the outrage is in custody and his wife has reportedly filed for divorce for many of us police officer Derek Chapman has been charged by the head of the county attorney's office with murder and with manslaughter Hennepin county DA Mike Freeman says more charges are possible three other Minneapolis police officers were fired another big story president trump's decision to terminate relations with the world health organization over its handling of the corona virus nearly one hundred three thousand Americans headlight America's listening.

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