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This story goes by think about four years now. To two separate groups of astronomers who? Who are interested in the outer solar system and The observations were made. And these were the groups of astronomers of some significance These are top guys in that field. But they noted that they are I see asteroids out there in the debts of the solar system. Capable objects or transnet tune objects a slightly different those two things, but we can lump them all together. Now we know that they have extremely elliptical. Orbits very elongated and what they noticed was that the? The direction of the Gatien of these orbits wholesale to cluster in one particular direction, and so these two separate. Groups of researchers they they did calculations on why this might be. Why is this sort of clustering of the of the alignment of the OBA's and? Popout the calculations was a a very large and very distant planet. That would maybe be shepherding. The obits into the same alignment invites. The these groups came to the conclusion that that was the only thing that could kate. These obits sort of you know. narrowed down to that bit of the solar. System hence theory funding nine. which is assumed to be fine five to ten times more massively earth. All. That carry way way beyond the solar system starts. Its nearest dessert is ten times worse. Fires Neptune is You know this is the hypothetical. Hypothetical Planet. More than two to twenty times father away. Thirty Times paps farther away. These how helium the furthest point from the some? Not so predictions published as to where is put? Nobody's founded an what I said and I said this in the book. That and one of the problems is the predictions place the planet pretty firmly in the Milky Way where you're really struggling, because the so many stars and what you're looking for something very faint is moving very slowly among a really rich star failed, and that is intrinsically something. That's very hard. Very hard to to find so. What is happening now? Well think there are two groups involved here, but I'm going to talk about one. And this comes actually from a compensation article written by. One of the members of of this group as Samanta Lola the at this group of scientists is called offs, which is a great name, also is an movies also in America. It's an acronym could be outer. Solar System Origin Survey. Very nice name outer, solar system origin survey, and they actually kind of coming to a conclusion. The maybe maybe We've been led astray and that's because. These objects are so difficult to observe. That that, generally speaking the color belt jets are a long way off the small objects.

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