A Statue Falls as Britain Confronts Its Racist History


Most of the recent global protests have been peaceful with some exceptions a London street fight this weekend led to multiple arrests and police injuries police in Bristol England are also investigating property damage dramatic scenes there over the weekend powered by anger over Bristol's history with the trans Atlantic slave trade the world's Orla Barry reports from London the statue of slave trader Edward Colston stood in the city center of Bristol four hundred and fifteen years on the plaque the remains are the words a memorial of one of the most virtuous and wise sons of Bristol hello thanks someone painted in white spray paint black lives matter this was the moment the colts and stuff she was pulled off its pedestal on Sunday the demonstration posed with windy in the figure's neck a reminder of the final moments of George fill its life was killed in police custody in Minneapolis for this protester it wasn't just about a monument in Bristol coming down today hopefully signifies change hopefully we send a message not just to everyone in the UK or the USA worldwide we need worldwide difference it call just come here this call in America in the second World Wide Testors rolled the eighteen foot bronze statue through the streets of the city local police stood by and watched you know I wonder why we just we made a very tactical decision to stop the the side of the street recent tactics was to take place today police say they've launched an investigation into what happened and the British home secretary Priti Patel welcome to that decision his wife had cheated please follow up on thoughts and make sure that justice is taken undertaken with those individuals that are responsible for such this orderly a mole this behavior for years the statue has been a source of controversy in Bristol one of England's most progressive cities trade redwood Colson was born in the city and made his fortune to the royal African company historians say the company sold close to one hundred thousand people from West Africa to the Americas in the sixteen hundreds Colston nature donated much of his wealth to local schools and charities but David on the show got from the university of Manchester says people in political power didn't care where the money came from that's a cult of Colston was created for political and religious reasons in the eighteen nineties because the people around Bristol that didn't really worry the fact that cold snap in the slave trade he's not the greatest philanthropists in the city really to do with the attempts by Bristol's a political dimension to meet to reinforce that power and that privilege is bigotry a spokesman for the British prime minister says Boris Johnson sees the statues removal as a criminal act others say it erases history but all the sugar dismisses that line of criticism this is not an attack on the street this is what happens statues are removed they replaced that put in museums that taken off pedestals go to Germany outside of Berlin there is a museum full full of statues the the the singularly status none they were removed after the second World War because they reminded everybody of the Prussian militarism that it led to two world wars one is stuck to now lies at the bottom of Bristol harbour Colson's presence is still very visible in the city it's the way the Coldstream name dominates our skyline in particular in the central crystal was Martin is an artist and one of the driving forces behind the counter in Colston campaign we has been fighting to have the statue removed in that is the Colston tower there's you know the whole district Costa nothing you except St century she says it's time to remove Colson's name from streets and buildings across Bristol today an empty plane still stands in the city center and questions are now being asked about who should replace the statute Martin says it's time to pay tribute to those whose voices are rarely acknowledged I think they should be a monument to African ancestors knowledge and that can change so the total wealth of the city there's lots of things that can be done to put forth our history in the sky along which honors usually those without phone service the mayor of Bristol Marvin Rees who is black says he doesn't support social disorder but he called the colts in statute and affront to humanity one day he said it should be fished out of the harbor and put into a

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