Coronavirus Self-care Strategy

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Thank you so much Dr Seakor for being with us. You know it's nice to have a nurse practitioner on what what has been your take with all of this cove it. Have you been handling it? Oh, man, I've had to ramp up myself care. It's just kinda crazy out there. I've had to limit my news. Consumption I've had to really ramp up my exercise and just sleep getting more sleep setting alarm for that. It's really challenging. Sleep right now for me is so tough owes up this morning at five am odd because I just I can't sleep and. Yeah and It's funny just today. I'm like a die hard. Andrew Cuomo Tone in love with him. I call him my president. I'm like I said to my husband Mike. You think he's just like. Can We? Just what is the rules to get him on the ballot? Right on the ballot right? Thanks so on real, but other than that I've had to turn off the news, too, because it just yeah. Even the evening talk, it's just overwhelming. I mean we can't lose our hope. Too much of this information you can really lose your hope. And where are you right now? CAPE COD Massachusetts okay. where? where? Where on the Cape right at the Canal so near Plymouth? Okay so on the Cape Cod. Canal is a little shack so to speak called Seafood Chantey. CATES, that's like it's a mazing takeout. It's my favorite. It is incredible. Johnny Academies who went to College, but my dad I would die. Hard grew up McCabe my hotel. In the town of Barnes Omayyad. Liam's is no longer Nassir. Beach no worry. Our close allies just went down there last weekend, and they had to just take the shack down. Because of erosion is just so sad. Oh, that's too bad. Obse string onion rings. Who is? Now I missing McCabe. I love I. It's hard to have a tough day here when you're at the Cape. I love that. We're talking about shoestring onions because we're GONNA. Get right into it. Dr, Seymour I brought you on, because so many of us we are now in the throes of summer. We weren't able to get to the gyms even for places that are opening up, it's not the same. What can we do to drop the quarantine? Fifteen or you know? I came up with this Jingle and it represents the word pandemic, and each letter in in pandemic can be one of your self care steps when I even made a little. A little law. List. WHO IS GONNA sing the Jingle for I. Wish I could in my dreams I sing. Okay Calera user all the pillars of self care and I can take through those yes I would love that. All right so basically what everyone needs to think about is. We are really not trained to ramp up ourselves. CARE will release stressed in fact. The culture basically reinforces that we lose the wheels off our wagon right and we go directly to Ben and Jerry's and chocolate chip cookies. Whatever it is, so you have to really develop a plan and that's like my first step in pandemic. Plan and you have to have a program and you have to figure out how am I gonNA deal with this quarantine. Right. We have to ramp up your self care. Figure out. What am I gonNa do for the week. What am I gonNa do tomorrow and maybe tomorrow I just planned to drink. More water I haven't a match today I. Don't usually match my water, but it can be very powerful. Yeah, our love, and how many of you out? There are starting your day with the large glass of water. Good job. Ryan Job Amber Y- I start my day with a large cup of coffee, not gonNA lie boming well I. I love coffee, too, but I usually start with a large last water in the coffee. Going to help you in a especially if you have any. Can to actually have you sleep disrupted fifteen hours after your last caffeine. So, that's something most people don't know. How I am, that might be well. I do drink two cups of coffee, generally like seven like right when I get up I be lying to the coffee machine and so now I'm drinking them by because I don't drink coffee in the afternoon river because I know that I know that it's like I will be up till know. Chris come home. So that's planning, basically planning is essential. If you fail to prepare, YOU'RE GONNA prepare to fail and a lot of people when they're home. They just feel like they're out of their routine right so that planning also essentially creating a routine for yourself, and for so many people at home right now very chaos, even though it's been a few months now it's still chaos, not going back to the way it was and prior to this whole situation or eating out fifty percent of the time. Now they're not. What are they eating at home? How do you approach that whole situation at home with all those triggers in the cabinets and trigger people? Maybe that you're living like my husband pulls out the Ben and Jerry's at night and sits right next. Meet chomping on it like. Eating my egg whites an hour before I go to sleep. In it. Right now he's trained. I'm very trained and the good thing about training. Good thing about healthy habits is they run themselves most of the time. However, it is more challenging when you have a lot more stress in your life. They don't run themselves as automatically as when stresses lower so I've had to really be attentive to making sure my habits are

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