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The cops let's get back freephone eligibility you're joining us right now the a long time relations director for the New York Mets he's got a new book out Mr mat and he is really missed the match that of course is J. R. which Jay how are you Joe it's a long long long long long long time J. average how many years are you how many years you were UT T. all gotta mats right like right at eighty four nineteen eighty April fools day pretty apropos for me Joe and I I've been in the new job correct over my fears for two years ago with the net over forty years which sold more time to be in one place no doubt about it where and what where are you now what do you do an exam and locally only clicked and Joe not too far from where you live I'm in north Jersey across my walk every day and try to see Stacey and you know keep my mascara try to do the right thing I hear you I hear well J. eight referral before you get into your career which is a fascinating career no doubt about it with all the years with the Mets how do you think this all baseball things gonna play out here right now I I think they got to come to a conclusion me both sides I mean it just gives me like a nuclear bomb going off of that nothing gets those close to the other sports it's C. towards getting hit against the NBA soccer racing golf right you think it could happen you have to find a way yeah I've been a big deal the watch a lot of these negotiations it's always darkest before the dawn I think people are both sides to come to your senses you know hopefully sometime next week you know to get the device was stopped going I'm just hoping you could trade everything gets settled by next week and we get some some of the baseball back on the field you think we'll see baseball New York this year are you Joe I really do I really do I really think you need to get it done but I mean in New York itself that you think will actually see games you'll play you know pulled the incident we won't be fair to to start I think did you know IT governors is it put the welcome mat out you want to dine in you know I think sixty six sports can help heal the city a little bit in the mentoring and I I took a look at that I think to be sports at Yankee Stadium and Citi field all right so you're right the book and you have a head and let's be honest J. you out as fascinating a career I mean with all the ups and downs that you had with the Mets I mean you know you've been through it all you know you would I we've got a couple of battles over the years I always think ever really do you're always like I do you know what I would do you know listen to express your passion and I I you know whatever you know what I mean no I don't look about you know I love the J. O. B. I just the I'm kidding around with you but you know I hear you what what inspired you to write the book you got so many stories obviously but what inspired you to write the book I did a couple a couple scenes show is you know I I never really thought I'd write a book you know I'm going to be seventy five in August really with me and my career right right so I I was always able to laugh at myself and I if you wanna put some of the funny stories into jokes dari Franco played on me by righteous with the player down on paper you know and and I said you know we get why not you know put it down yeah I never wanted to write a tell all book joke you know what what on the plate right from Houston to New York you're in eighty six career playoff thank you Eddie that you're on a plane right where you want a plane our work on our porch I slept your wife it is realistic I never really said what it used to work there really fast I want to get out of here you know when I was with my mother was cracked Indians in nineteen forty five he got your music okay I was one of the co Coleman my right all right I was blind from my right leg you are right I saw it when I was about twelve or thirteen I I have a I have it get enormous replied my right eye so I never really told people that you know what what do you think it is I was a Paris withdrawal people that you know you look in the news of World War I maybe I can have a little it's set up for people boards are perfect you can make sure yourself then you know we in in in sports and and and I just want to get that out here that you don't have to be perfect the editing Richard friends you know really my second family since a month here so I will time ago Linden mark embodied in little ferry Nate your market forty died of cancer about a year ago he wanted me to write the books currently tribute to them I want to get this out here just put that all my stuff down on paper maybe I could just help some people get the message out there that was really the two purposes why our order right to book well so I didn't know that about you that that you had that situation which you're right yeah you know what you're what I was what I was really thrilled the kid you know I have what I've always like Max Scherzer wouldn't buy one why are you with right right right right every day and you said you know why not get it out to your own gift you know we get to people if you read my book may Hey maybe I'm I don't have to be perfect to do this or that it was my days of being Marley darn cheap humor over with your why not you know get out can make you be inspiration to some people and you know I I wanted to sit in the right way you have to be above one place for forty years is still doing it I think it's a great thing and I would want to we don't do you no good tell me what for your GPS who did that I didn't want to do that kind of a book and I was you I just didn't think I would like to book and somebody offered him double all right with me and so we are putting down on paper this didn't give me a moment and obviously you you know you were there for you know the the World Series in eighty six and and all that but give me a moment that's the sticks out the most for you J. in your forty years with the Mets well really two things one was is only two hours in the eighty six World Series I'm sitting in the the officer Keith Hernandez and Darryl Johnson I understand myself hello my good alibi to depress you we we were destined to win the World Series one hundred fourteen games at that point right one strike away from being eliminated those seven Gary gets ahead of Mitch gets here great night gets hit movies is that we would win sixty would come down from three not seen and we'll win the World Series is a parade I mean he was a remarkable team an eighty six year old different personalities you know they really kept me hopping there your Jedi topic which is a four part which I was going to happen you know but you know any other thing you know we see exactly what the team geared up in nine eleven you know from the ocean to Bobby Valentine the players in our wider Jerry Franco and everybody else I really thought we made a difference in the communities where we did lossing skit the fire houses the police station the hospitals and was really really proud to be a part of that team and what we do here Mike's home read was great and that David was more than just a whole brothers all the guys from one to twenty five other will set the giving and wanted to get back in there that's such a look back at my career would have received ever I'm really just proud to be part of that yeah no no to submit to a tremendous moments no doubt what's all gonna J. R. which of course the a long time public relations directorate of medicine got a book out now Mr mad I know but then I've got I've got my copy yet J. so I mean when your address also and I get your address all right all right you know what I will I will have to forward that to you maybe I'll do that too already we'll work that out because I I do one offs I'm sure the book is fascinating was that one guy one player that maybe more so than anybody else that you really you know took a liking to or had to a certain kind of relationship which I I reviewed so many Joe I mean you know you know you David right chat you've cycled quite rigid the one guy who I'll be it impacted me a lot I could have written a whole book Joe a lot of practical jokes Johnny Franco played on the other states right to clean ones would be Biltmore hotel in Los Angeles so Johnny unscrew the horse said from the lobby get the keys to my room put the horse my dad catches on our needs gosh the lights off on my room I think it's really nice guy Steve it outside the room the guy the guy had a freaking heart attack the other the other guy used to place the jokes on me was with David right but you know I think you may I start with your great right I believe my usual watching games with binoculars okay right David had put to our black either reside any **** I black on my binoculars so I grew up in the press box I I would keep my binoculars off you you you remember PT the door from little rascals generals are yeah yeah yeah yeah source right yeah I I will if you have a fight sorry you want to kill people ask me how did I get so bored I was able not to kick myself seriously your journeys to tell me the place don't like you they won't screw with you so I need to do yours he screwed me and I was I was able to you know to take it you know to understand what he did like you know somebody that's exactly why did Jacob deGrom built like the folder for you he wrote the forward for my book you know and the New York the publishing company wanted to get a player.

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