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Hey Al on here so things have been changing a lot and fast both in this world here and here at a world where that's confusing sentence. But I hope you get what I mean. The short version of the situation is this. I had initially planned on starting a podcast network and after much deliberation back and forth self-doubt and whatnot. I've recently decided that my initial plan was actually the way to go. The network is called mad. Really's you can follow at mad really's on instagram and visit mad really's dot com for more that's m. a. d. r. e. a. lies the slightly longer version of the situation. Is I'm trying to cut costs. Fees for my podcast host and domain names and squarespace accounts have really added up and I've been scrambling since the pandemic hit to try and find a way to consolidate everything into a more cost effective form because of that I thought my dream of starting a fiction and semi fiction focused podcast network of my own was too expensive and thus dead in the water but I realized that if I combine all my websites into one could let my pricey accounts expire while still keeping a web presence which led me back to mad really's thus after launching and then unleashing the network I've decided to UN launch it given that after doing the math at turns out that launching mad really's will save me money rather than costing me extra. But you don't care about any of this what you care about is what's appearing next in my podcast feeds so here. I very much hope is the final version of my plan. As a podcast going forward won a world where presents. Radio Free Quarantine. An eight part special event. That's been airing. Is Airing the right word on the a world where feed will run until May twenty ninth? I'll be posting fact sheets for each episode. Which will break down the real world issues relevant to each week story on the mad really's instagram. You can read the fact for episode one now. Which explains what the fuck happened in the Wisconsin. Primary why Republicans are intent on killing voters. And how exactly trump could go about cancelling the election to also on the a world where feet on May twenty ninth. I'll be releasing some thing. It'll be a play likely by neural possibly entitled heartbreak. But I'm not married to that yet and for that play. I definitely need a lot. And I'm talking a lot of screaming sound effects if you'd like to donate a screamer to simply record a voice memo of yourself. Expelling your pain and despair and frustration as loudly as possible without distorting and e. Mail it to me at a world where podcast at. G MAIL DOT COM three. The Miller report a radio dramatization is returning in the fall. Which is one hopes close to win. The election will be happening. I'm super excited to announce that part six section eight. Paul Manafort will be a forty five minute multi part special in the style of a true crime show because well it's true and it's about crime we recorded part of the first episode pre Cova D- so I'll tack the first scene onto the end of this announcement. Call it a trailer or call it. A sneak peek. Either way get hype because Thomas Hedlund and wit Whitmore lutely crush it as Bob Muller and Paul Manafort respectively for this one. I'm most about this summer. I'll be launching the first season of a show. I've been planning for literal years. It's a fiction podcast. My first show. That isn't dramatized about a depressed. Shut in who learns that what she thought were. Hallucinations are actually telepathic powers. That was the one minute trailer you heard at the beginning of this announcement. All right last thing I promise. And then we'll get to muller I was originally going to be offering hour long live one. Oh one lectures on the a world where INSTAGRAM PAGE? But after running into technical and time commitment issues two in a row. I've decided to do something a little different instead of live videos. I'm going to be making what I'm calling seven minute. One Oh ones which will be beginner. Friendly podcasting courses aimed at listeners as well as creators and posting them on the mad really's instagram story then collecting them into highlight. So they'll be there forever. You can find the first of these seven minute. One on one's a practical beginner's guide entitled podcasting from `isolation at mad release on Instagram at mad really's dot com again that's M. A. D. R. E. A. Lies Yet. It real lies anyway. Thanks so much for listening. It really means the world. Here's the muller trailer this is a raid. I'm Robert Muller Paul Manafort Mr Manafort. I have several. Fbi agents and a search warrant opened up Mr Manafort. That was not a request. I'm kicking in this door and five four one. Get everything documents binders computer files. Get it all through every drawer every closet. I've effect to establish people and I want some fucking evidence whereas the upstairs and bedser keeping their I have no desire to see that wrinkled shit sacked before he's brushes teeth Tamsir. You really kick in his door like that. It's not so Linski I'm fucking seventy truth is I wasn't even here when the F. B. I. Rated Paul Manafort's home in Alexandria. Virginia neither. Were you. Fly here simple. You're in amalgams Alinsky AM I. Of course you're not a person. Strictly speaking but rather a fictionalized composite of forty individuals intelligence analysts forensic accountants professional staff a paralegal and of course. Fbi agents many of whom are currently ransacking a condominium belonging to perhaps the most reprehensible man and the known universe fuck are you doing you fucking maniac He's up Your Grubby. Fed Pas my jacket with around agents Alinsky. What do you see wealth? You sure I mean pretty sure. Hey don't touch that. That's real baby ostrich skin. We've has three range rovers and Mercedes in the driveway. That rug could probably pay for tuition at nyu. I'm aware it looks like wealth million dollars. What the suits in that closet asshole certainly sounds like wealth but it isn't wealth stolen skiing so then what is it? Sir? Debt Debt Debt Zilenski crushing staggering overwhelming and inescapable way or is he wears. That spindly asked gargoyles looking motherfucker. Mr Manafort Muller me now you listen up slender man he few do not tell your goons to quit. Manhandling my fucking suits in thirty fucking seconds gathering evidence Mr Manafort. All part of the special counsel's investigation. Fuck you motherfucker. Fuck yourself in your fucking ass. You better fucking lawyer up motherfucker. I'm GONNA fucking sue. You have out that. I'LL SUE fucking Mr Manafort. You're about to be indicted by a grand jury for the District of Columbia on charges of conspiracy money laundering and acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign government in the United States. Your life is about to come crashing down. Do you really want to file a personal lawsuit against the one person who can pull you out of the rubble? Do it seriously do it soon? My fucking ass. I would love to see you try. Go ahead Manafort make my day. The Muller report a radio dramatization part six section eight. Paul Manafort true crime story by NAD. Really's coming fall. Twenty twenty. Learn more at mad release dot Com and add mad really on instagram. That's M. A. D. R. E. A. Lies..

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