Grocery chains rationing meat to curb hoarding


Forecast now while a few weeks ago we covered a few stories about what a possible meat shortage and there's been a few a few of you know grocery chains over the past few days the distributed limits how much meat you can buy yeah now Wendy's Wendy's is taking burgers off the menu in some restaurants as the meat shortage spreads across the U. S. leading grocery stores like Costco over to warn of rationing and a dwindling supply which only two people will be upset about what do you mean windows is not one of my favorite hamburgers hot I don't know anybody who gets a hamburger from Wendy's I I think they're more known for their chicken sandwich an hour a day I think so you know while grocery stores Costco and Kroger there are warning of a dwindling supply as well Wendy's has taken the burgers off the menu at some locations do either beef shortage the U. S. is seeing meat shortages in some stores and restaurants as some of the nation's biggest plants have closed because of outbreaks among

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