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Ellen DeGeneres SLAMMED by former bodyguard for her bad behaviour at 2014 Oscars


You know I think that's so unfair Ellen DeGeneres is being denigrated by here or what by a former bodyguard he said she was rude complied you know what I mean people just love hating on they love tearing down people who are doing great you know Ellen DeGeneres baby she might be a little over exposed I'm tired of cedar you know they gave shot TV or talks on all the other stuff and she's everywhere she's she's everywhere she's the patron Saint of of of of white lesbian said there's nothing wrong with that she's a wonderful person AJ yes but you know for the bodyguard two for the body guard to you know sell while she was caught a cold you know this woman is extremely famous probably is bothered all the time in this guy's there to protect her she doesn't have to what does she have to commune with them I'm serious side I think it's such an unfair thing when people take pot shots at celebrities like that especially the patron Saint of white lesbians and homosexuals and she is a great person and I mean it and you know and purse the patron Saint of black people she is and the patron Saint of of women to you have certain people that are wholly that you should not take pot shots at it and I think the holiest star Alec and Oprah

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