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On the Table Gaming Podcast Episode 75: ASOIAF TMG Targaryen Hero Box Spoilers Part 2 with Chase and Josh


About Board Games. Card Games and tabletop games. I can't believe they left to sit here. Only halfway halfway out of talking about the target hero box for a song by the Measures Games Looks like we'll have to talk to this on her own Josh on episode. Seventy five of the podcast but just be careful not to get separated looking good plan. We have all these characters Talk about an all of them are loaded up on on a song about some fire. Bill Dot Com. But let's maybe take some time talking through some of the commander options and then we giving our thoughts about where that might fit in targeted enlists these days so we can start off with bellwether the strong and he's got this ability. A dog. Did each time. This unit would suffer wounds from an enemy ability attack or tactics cards. Reduce the number of wounds it suffers by one and I think this is one of the first examples of this. That we've seen a yeah. I mean there's lots of like fending of hits. I don't think we've seen too many that just like straight up. Cancel Woods yet. And this is this is across the board axis. Discards everything the mortgage targeted the more valuable. This becomes I mean it's pretty seems pretty good. I mean it's when when would that not come up and again right exactly so if you're like maybe hasn't been a physical in our games like a matter of one has often made a big difference or what it's like. Oh I mean you've got to talk to three times you know that's like two three wounds over the course of the game I mean. That's so a rank. Maybe that can be a big difference and this is not though impacting in any way a panic though if you fail a panic test it's not reducing by one just direct suffering wounds from trappers or things like that all those auto wound lists giants so. I mean that definitely that definitely pays off but maybe like unsullied Sword Masters. You have pretty good morale anyway. Their armor isn't that good so this would be something. Good for them as a commander. Just throw in there and then you know. Four PLUS MORALE CANCEL WOUND EVERY TIME. They get attacked. Pretty good. We'll take it and he's got some interesting tactics cards pathetic attempt. We've seen this one on Thorne. After friendly combat unit is attacked if it did not lose a rank the attacker suffers d three wounds plus one additional wound for each remaining rank in the defending unit beyond the I if this unit if the defending unit contains bowels you automatically count as rolling three with Bela especially the unit. I mean think about this like if you attack the unsullied. They're not gonNA FILL MORALE MINUS A wound. So if you do like three wounds to them next thing you know you're taking three wounds pulse one win so I mean as much as five wounds yeah and right. And it's instant with his unit just five wounds to roll knocking your opponent down a rank. Yeah and I suspect I think the swords masters are really a great offensive tool and that's the target area unlike staple right like we do damage hitting ten days on two plus that is brutal. I assume and maybe I'm out of turn here but I'm assuming that the pike men that we know are coming down the line that they're going to have maybe a little bit more defensive tech although maybe they'll just be you know kind of have like a set for charge and they're you know four plus armor but they'll just do more damage. I mean what I'm going to get at is that this seems like it's going to be useful certainly in the unsullied sword masters but even more so maybe impeachment. Yeah I yeah. I don't know how much energy this would have with. A lot of the doth Raqi type units you know. Obviously he can't go in there but like this probably doesn't come up that often. I guess we'll I guess calorie doesn't take lose ranks as quickly as infantry. Does it still potentially good? But I think we're the shines is like the elite infantry unit that can just kinda shrug off an attack that five damage the five win five wounds back. I mean that's right. Gross especially against them like a giant where it's like wounds is a really big and maybe you put this guy in unit blackbirds You know that that right now might be the most defensive three plus armor with horrific visage or whatever the equivalent is and You know might be the most defensive unit that they have. He's also got deadlier post When an enemy combat unit makes a melee attack before attack? Dice are rolled for each miss. That enemy suffers one automatic hit if they are tacking Bellas unit. They suffer plus two additional automatic. Hits some more defensive tech here. I mean this is another good one. I mean if you can get like a weakened token on a unit or something like that and kind of make it a little more difficult for them to hit you. I think this is pretty good. I think only resigned. Don't let really love. These types of cards is that I don't really punish like units. That are kind of elite already right. It's a works. Best at the end of the kind of sucks but the unit that sock. It doesn't really matter that much that you're hitting back do only make apps like you know it never really like this is obviously play. It can be very you kind of have to set up. Can we get the Josh hot? Take on would this in any way encourage you. Maybe to pair up more with your mom. The wandering night the Solo who Canada as an order. I didn't finish answering that. He can give out with rich. Tokens he can throw tokens. No still no darn it. There's no way suite meant that the unit is rough. Maybe down the line. Somebody a little better than me is. I want someone to prove US wrong. It'd be like topless running him. I might just start running him. Just because but I have concerns am wrong on a very regular no. I don't know I think this one's the right now. I think the community winds are definitely blowing in your favor on. Maybe his potential is not yet reached and he seems like a big liability. I put it up there with you. Know who who was it worth? It was like what no I would never take into battle. Just like my concern is whenever you put anything on the table that is just so enticing to just obliterate and people have the capabilities to do so a tough but okay then the final taxes scarf rebels strong is after a friendly unit is attack with melee. It's called reckless vengeance. After friendly unit attack with melee one enemy engaged with this unit becomes panicked and vulnerable. It's good I mean you're going to get attacked. This car is going to definitely get used. I think all three of those cards are really useful. In fact maybe emphatic attempt might be the most situational because you're counting not having a rank taken down and if you're getting kind of you know roughed up in a match maybe That opportunity would never come that trigger a but gosh you know what I totally misread. Pathetic attempt didn't lose a rank. That's a combat unit. It's not an infantry unit. You could use this with the Veterans. You could use any unit. My Gosh. That's going to be good. So Yeah I think cavalry actually is not bad. So Barras in the bold. Cerberus the bold so he's got the order indomitable So when this union pass morale tests at Mururoa d through woods. I'd say I think an ability which was used to great effect against me with was the blackfish right. He has a similar ability as an annoying thing to be constantly generating wounds especially like in the unsullied. Who have that really good morale. This is a great way to just kind of keep pumping back up. And then his other ability nightly vow before deployment slight one enemy unit until the end of the game units mail attacking plus when it hit and roll plus two dice. Against and so this is Same same ability that Brian had and original neutral. Brienne right I think this is also situationally. A very strong ability Especially in the the type of games remark in enemy. That's like give you bonus points for your which game mode but that's something where you can basically select one of those units and then hunt them down if you ever do engage them. You're much more successful to attack. So I think that's that's another pretty good ability. Yeah I think these guys are GonNa be a beast on fire and blood. That's GonNa be a pretty scary so then tactical regroup Friendly comment activates. This unit may make a fray retrea action restored to d three wounds if that is within long range of garrison cellmate. Any enemies they disengage. Trump also become vulnerable. So that's pretty good because with an island. That is your unit. Yeah radically or someone else nearby. That's pretty effective. This is a really powerful because essentially getting a free retreat action when you activate so you still get your regular action rights charge charge. Yeah I think that's a superstar and the becomes vulgar. I'm so excited because I think Barrington is such an amazing character and I. I WANNA run as a commander and it's always nice to be like I wanna run this character so badly and he's got some really cool strategies and you're not stuck with like a kind of a lamer character art percents. This is a great like I I love. I love tactics like this. That you know. Have a great repositioning ability so like the strength of it is less about just like raw damage output and throwing dice. It's like just to reposition and now I'm going to be in your flank. You're going to be vulnerable. Be Potentially getting a rank back so now I'm GONNA be It's like that's suffering a really powerful attack checks all the boxes for tar guarantee right. You still get your offense but you get that defensive. Tech in there to talk with cavalry. I mean this is something. That's eight over sure and I probably would see myself blowing it on my calvary. More getting my screamers or veterans or even outriders out of combat. Getting ready to shoot things up but always have. It would always have the opportunity. That's a good. That's that means. It's a good tactic scarred. This'll be you will have no trouble getting that to trigger so the next one here. Legendary boldness after a friendly combat unit is attacked. If it passes it's panic tests that unit makes one melee attack targeting? The attacker after this attack has been completed if it did not destroy. The enemy suffers to watching good. That's really good. So you have to panic test so they have to deal damage to you. You Pass if only you had an infantry unit morale but but the thing is like you're not taking panic damage right because you pass the so you would've typically taken to four wounds from failing a panic test where you're basically doing is saying. Yeah I pass the test but I'm GonNa just take the minimum. I enrolled in too. And I'm going to smash somebody down a free mealy attack national because if you kill you don't take it right yeah. Female attack is not often plus two. I'll be there all right. How many twenty this turn on a tour better sure like the number of attacks you can fire is GonNa do good. Especially if you can claim like the combat zone or anything like mount attacks you can number one unit and a game discard one might even say. This card is legendary.

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