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U.S. coronavirus deaths top 100,000 as country reopens


Joining us now. Our chief medical correspondent Dr Sanjay Gupta and our chief political correspondent Dana Bash Sanjay cases of this virus. There clearly rising across the south. And there's new model predicts hospitalizations will actually take up up by mid June. Could we actually soon see certain areas of the country? Go the other direction. Shut back down. Yeah I mean I think that's a real concern wolf if you look at four of the five states that have had greater than a fifty percent increase in overall infections They're all states that have reopened early at the end of April or the beginning of May and we may be seen now the impact of that or people out more people getting exposed and more people will get sick as a result. So that. But that's GonNa be the real concern wolf which you're raising. We know there's going to be more infections as you start to reopen will surge and start to go into exponential growth in these places which would then require a possibly having to shut things down again will it keep it a sort of higher baseline level. We don't know yet but it is concerning that we're starting to see the correlation between early reopening now and this increase in infections and we do know. Sanjay that that Model that the White House coronavirus task force relies on from the University of Washington. Medical School is projecting. Yes one hundred and one thousand deaths so far over these past three months in the United States. But they're still projecting by early August and that's not very far down the road it could be more than one hundred forty thousand deaths in the United States. That's their assumption right now. That's their assumption and it constantly changes. I mean these models are tough. You know if you look at at one point that same model said there might be sixty thousand people who have died by the middle of August and obviously the number greatly surpassed. You gotta take these models with a little bit of grain of salt. I think the big question here wolf is that this isn't a bifurcated either. You're open or your shut in terms of these states Is almost like a policy issue versus a people issue. The policy is these states are reopening but if people are still being careful maintaining physical distance not having long interactions with people which is defined as around fifteen minutes Not Being in close spaces together not gathering emerged groups all those things that can make a significant difference. We now have evidence of that here in this country. There's evidence of it around the the world. So if opening doesn't mean pre March sixteenth could hopefully be a beneficial thing in terms of not letting these infections start to go into exponential growth. And these these new concerns come as the death toll clearly has now surpassed one hundred thousand one hundred one thousand right now but it took the president quite a while to make any comment at all on this very very grim and sad milestone. What does that tell you he? It's not who he is. He did eventually put out a tweet and say exactly what a president should say but it did take longer than perhaps it should have and he didn't come out and make a statement and that is kind of in keeping with the way that he and his administration but particularly he with his towards reelection or he hopes. Reelection is Doing this now. At a distance at an arm's length the time of him being on about this hour on a daily basis for sometimes ninety minutes to two hours. That seems like ancient. History now because backfired. He wanted to be a wartime president And for while he tried to do it. It didn't work Because it backfire because of this statement that he made and he never did it again but there is a middle ground and that is to be a leader let Americans here from the scientists and to not stoke cultural differences when it comes to masks and other things. But he's not dealing

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