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Cardano My Trade Of The Month


Get everybody welcome to the try to cope. Crypto podcast well It was a very eventful will twenty four hours really and for all the right reasons if if you are not all ready Following may on Fi spoke on Youtube. The suggestion get across there and have a look at the video that stayed on the t x perpetual contracts of pain focusing on little to watch there for you guys and it's free so go and check out what. I want to show you this. I want to show you try that I took yesterday. I WanNa give you the reasoning behind it. I WANNA give you an entire understanding of what I'm looking for and why I'm looking for a thing. It's going to help already do. If you're a trade it will certainly help at least perspective. If you're not trading the I tried that's fine but I think it will give you a lovely to perspective is to try to Tom's and the power of cryptocurrency. Because look let's be honest. It can just flip so quick. It concerns a quick. You can make your money of the month in a single twenty four hour period and that's pretty much. What happened for me yesterday? So I'm very happy. I'm feeling very good and I wanNA talk through the market among because obviously you guys have made very aware that I've been talking about that ninety nine thousand eighteen. We broke up through that yesterday. I before. Sorry and then. We've we've seen that continuation push on through knuckles. Bitcoin did have a good day yesterday. You know another fall through full percent die before full percent To goodful percent days. That's really nice to say really really great stuff. Nothing knocking it out of the park but if you recall my said that little turn of trend at nine thousand I tain well. That guy is about roughly a thousand bucks to our resistance. Plenty of money. We made in that period time. So that's what's been going on and not only we say. Bitcoin move but we seen the rest of the market. Move very very well indeed. So I'm very happy with the way. Things are looking shopping at very very nicely. Does this mean bitcoin GonNa kick going? Higher probability was stuck more to the upside at the minute. But this is crypto. This is a mock can never know what's going to happen. All I can ever do is tried based off the probabilities that I have been using for years..

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