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Welcome back to big mouth. The media strip of pop culture podcasts. Were time has become an infinite loop and yet still managed to stay yes. We're happy not going anywhere at World Zoom again and I can spot sean pattern of those inboxes. Hello Charlene how are you well? I'm alright I'm all right. Thank you and you have you not bad busy week. He said rhetorically weirdly. Busying notice that we're very shows of pop news in the pop firmament in the in the endless paralysis of now but a party. Boy George has written six or seven albums. Lockdown is a good thing. I think that's amazing and I think he should release every single track. Nothing should go in the volt and we should hear the unexpurgated unagitated boy George knockdown albums. They should be locked with boy. George Yeah definitely I think he needs an added support says Dasa. He's he says I'm not saying every single thing is good so I'm saying if you wanted it down to eight tracks the eight best trucks or George Comeback while we're speaking of albums. What did you think of Lana del Rey announcing that she's GonNa Call Hanyu Album Chem trails? Washington up fantastic. Hasn't she going to Matt a bit? She's GonNa little bit crazy. Maybe she just needs opposite town and I loved her last album. That MS billions. What could change US stick Allen because she her whole sorts of I've analysis to trip to myself everybody complains? She goes rage. Tweeting about them and yet it's such a malady created thing that she is She's a whole load of contradiction subsequently gigantea all of pop string anyway special. This week route settings a big mouth. It's Telegraph TV critic. Guardian Culture writer on Kane. Doug owner start Newington. Michael Hogan how you doing Michael. Hi I'm goodson. Y'All at your window shows you. Baked Ham did buy books on both sides which look at the trash compactor and saw was easily crushed by Philip pullman Sexy behind you can go see broken. Greek by people fetus a great book reviewed all the PODCAST. And I think Ed just a selection of you know obviously improving. What's literature as a homeworking Journo? Since time you finding the as all families bucky getting pushed further and further back into your own little kind of messed in the cold. The top left corner of the House. The I'M GONNA share. You said I'm not GonNa shut at the moment Boca kind of a golden office. It was actually very blessed. But it's a show is it now. It's become become sort of with with the kids staying home schooled and increasingly valuable. The ship and in fact I might move in the living. The dream you've what tell Telia's part your job is. How is it coping with broadcasting from kitchens? Now that we just go with the old famous is just like us. Yeah it's interesting obviously about TV so in a way that hasn't stopped but what always they've run out of TV. They outlandish leaving. Eastenders runs out in a week's time I think and the ultras run out already. I is about to start doing special coronavirus episodes so yeah. It's very old and we've seen a lot of people on zoom looking awkward a bit like this bomb. The tally which is most modern family did this before anybody didn't they? Would that brilliant episode? Where class took an apple. She can only interact with the family. Five watt up to face time twitter because she's one of the girls off and got married to a radio boyfriend. The entire upset takes place on the screen and it was genius. Unfortunately old tally is like not now what I mean now. I think things like I got news for you can of quite painful but then you know Johnny Burqas and John Nova shows actually really. I mean if the trouble is they're doing all these dramas playlets now and I think we'll get tied of looking at that very quick. Have you start looking at? These seem screens? You're not gonNA spend evening looking at Bonday as a way of kind of golden era moment like you know what like would ruin acoustic mate and it was basis. They've zillow about the song that performance in studio trickery may physically like that no Michael Hogan hideous say one. Tv In this in this is who's been the best. Use Been Champion lockdown champion. Joe Wicks probably Tim Burgess Yeah to budgets will be coming in to save a little bit later. Jarvis Don domestic disco. His saved my Saturdays and he's not do Spanish. She's soon yeah she's yeah. She wolves the hot. Doesn't she shop trash compactor pulp? We can see how we can see her name. It's Nadia Serene author illustrator and pop music. Devotee hello how are you can confirm the shame the unknown in front of a book? Shel- let you guys know. This is why the Best Wifi is and if I turn around he just throwing house you've been playing against this ruining that's only what my office is like as well but yeah. I have lots of books on stuff and they were really impressed. Fit Range high coach low culture. You'd love it. Wonderful has not done treating you. She knows what I'm really lucky because I also hermit anyway. I work from home anyway. So it hasn't impacted me in the same way as I guess impacting people who announced I have space. I have two cats and I had a small human Is Pretty Calm? So yeah tonight about wonderful. What you've been binging on while in this. You know what the knowing thing. Is that the anointing is my small child. Because of lockdown all retains so. He's now away from most of the same house. I'm way which is bad news because it means I'm Kinda stuck watching her. Hit stuff that set. He loves the Teen Titans. Joe which is great the now so we will and just important days ago. He saw Simpson's for the first time and so a win are starting not from uptight. The decision to stay. Open season because the animation. Wades out just. Oh yes doesn't quite. That's not quite ready to seize. What's so we've started to every episode and it's proven wonderful but a great yet. It's a joy because I forgotten so much. So your fashion. How brilliant will be to watch the simpsons of the very first time with a clean

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