Billy Quarantillo and Brandon Royval - burst 02


But I feel like a story. A, discouraged. Tyron Woodley after that first round like like Shit. This is a nightmare and. I'm thinking man he's got. The first round so the fact that he lasted. That fight in the able to make it through Gilbert, but I mean it's still strange, though because everybody say tirol tyrant, it look like himself. Maybe he slipped slipping. Maybe you know he's best as are gone, but what about Gilpin Burns main? Dish! He was just a lot some of it might have been I mean you could put a little bit on. Tyrant Tiring, but a lot has to be put on Gilby. Burns, doing what needs to be done, and we put it together from the strike. What about the beautiful? Take down the twenty eight days ing? It was just. Just east so well rounded, and he's putting it all together so nicely now that I thought that. was going to be like the bigger guy. 'cause Gilbert used the fight. At one fifty five.

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