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But it's just airplane so really this is. This is the best see now. It's got a runway in the front yard. That's all right. That's all right. The Murder Hornets are going to get your first. So it's like no worry about alleged murder murder. Been proven have committed murder yet murder Hornets. You know or or the the ufo aliens are going to get you. You know or tweet a tweet about a week ago. It said Someone pointed out that That there was an asteroid coming towards the Earth. And it was going to miss. You know that there's an asteroid really big one but it's GonNa miss the Earth and then the guy's response was we just cannot catch a break. We'll that plus if it was gonna you know if it was going to hit. They would certainly tell us that it was going to miss. Okay who cares? No Yeah Right Okay. Anyway the the fodder for endless southbound movies going back. I was to say you know Armageddon. Prophesy man it wasn't fiction Oh okay there we go all right all right. What's next? What are we got here? Did you see this this the Internet movie plane database? I've heard of that I I've seen it before. I never had seen it so so I've been during one of my little shelter in place activities to pass the time is. I'm catching up on all kinds of that. I've been wanting to watch and one of the shows that I've been watching and enjoying lot by the way is on Netflix. The crown the story about the royal family the sort of the life of Queen Elizabeth Fish and one of the things. I found interesting about the crown was they. They've shown some really interesting vintage airplanes airplanes from the day back in the fifties and sixties and whatnot and and I was curious to see how they done it so I did a Google search on on airplanes from the crown and stumbled upon this Internet. Movie Plane Database Which is very much like the you know. I most everyone knows about the IMDB. The Internet Internet movie database which has got all kinds of information about cast members and and whatnot This is a pretty serious effort. That basically doc documents aircraft that have appeared in lots of different movies. I mean look at the homepage here actually. It's not the homepage. If you go into the link I gave you And then in the upper left click click movie. Tv List you start to see an alphabetical list. And there's just like a lot of movies. This is based wikipedia is a wikipedia so users have have entered information and just start surfing through here And Find Your favorite movie and and everything from information about about airplanes that have actually actual airplanes. That have been. I don't know what you WANNA call. It cast members or whatever In the movie all the way to things like if there was a picture on on on the wall of a set there will sometimes be note about what that aircraft was a lot information here. It's pretty cool. Said Dresser stays busy. Yeah really yeah I know really and And sometimes they're even accurate Cheb. What's your favorite movie here? Let's look it up. Oh my favorite movie. That will have an airplane in it. I don't know whether it would. But that's the whole that's the beauty of it depicts when they even if you didn't think it would have an airplane you know it's like Okay one a movie that. I'm pretty sure did not have an airplane in it. Okay and that how `Bout Sh- and when Harry met Sally when Harry met Sally. Okay here we go so fine when You can search where I had this morning. The search was Kinda slow. So I'm doing when Harry met Sally. It's listed so there's information of some sort of your the. Apparently they flew on an airplane at show they which is sort of you know I bet. They travelled around the country. I vaguely remember that. I'm watching the movie in forever. But that's right because they were on that airplane. There's a scene was the out okay. That wasn't the whole airplane in Hollywood somewhere. Yeah but there were. There were apparently because their screen shots here you know there were apparently cut away shots of this seven thirty seven united colors seven thirty seven that they try. And what Okay I'll go with some of that. What an airplane is a airplane or helicopter. In what okay. Is that what we're talking about? I don't know so I. There was no airplane or helicopter Star Wars. You're saying you're you're claiming that or you're saying that's what tells you. I'm I'm I don't know if I'm claiming that or not. I'm postulating that well. Let's see what it has to say about Star Wars. She said Star Wars or Star Trek Star Wars Star Wars episode five. Or whatever. The hell I by the way. I'm almost caught up. I've actually that's one of the things on my list. I believe it or not. I have not watched number nine. I know what's it called? Sky? What's it called? A skywalker rises or return right. The rise of skywalker. Yeah and I just re watched number eight in order to get prepped. And now soon I will watch Star Wars episode. Let's go with episode three. I don't know the only one that's the only ones listed here is episode. One Phantom menace. And so it's just talking about the the the the aircraft of the time all right the the N one starfighter the Nabu starfighter or the UC droid starfighter. Yeah I totally get how there were craft in as as props as as vehicles in Star Wars in the whole star wars universe but there weren't any quote airplanes or helicopters. All right. Okay well. We're what they weren't real in any right they were they were fiction they were. Cgi they were mockup but they my thing when we're talking about airplane the Internet playing database. Or whatever called here is it has to have been a real aircraft. Yes Okay. Well the criteria. Let me call it whether or not. You're interested in the TV series of the crown. The life of Lisbeth. The airplanes are pretty fascinating I would call your attention to all the real interesting historic airplanes that have appeared apparently largely. Cgi The one that really caught. My attention was A couple of different times. They showed a comet in flight because it was the airliner of the day for a and the comet. If I'm recalling correctly the comments the one that was had disastrous crash problems right it had. Yes the windows popped up right now because they had corners on them right and so there was a there was a series of crashes with that ended in. I think them just retiring that airplane or something like they redesigned it and they fixed it for some some different models. I don't know if they went back. In and rehabbed existing inservice airplanes are not but variations of. It continued to fly terrier right right..

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