Welcome to kiss Miss Mystery. Your host kid crumb today the spirit of Kuku. You might have heard of the wall city in Mexico Corner. Baca asked twenty residents of this wall city. Why the walls and you'll get twenty different answers. Mostly it seems. A consensus is that they keep out bandits and drug lords in the community surrounding the walled city. Crime was running rampant. Children were safe ninety. Were killed by drive by shootings other simply vanished off the streets. Local law enforcement was in the pocket of the local drug dealers. Some residents sudden Asir to the church but most simply locked their doors and kept children indoors than does were afraid to venture out and soon it was appeared. The local economy was collapsing. Many of the elders of the community built helpless. Spoke out about the Kukui. A spirit that arrived with the Spanish censors before but unlike the Spanish that killed and pillage the cocoon came to do good. It was a priest that arrived with. Cortez and fifteen nineteen. I mentioned a false God like spirit called Kukui. There was plaguing the various Spanish camps. For three hundred years of Spanish rule over the central regions of MESOAMERICA kacoos present ravaged the caps with fever and dysentery. It was in the early nineteenth century after the Spanish. American wars and the secession of most Spanish territories details of a strange spirit cuckoo that has so affected early Spanish conquistadors that they were often defeated at least temporarily by the indigenous tribes they encountered but does the elders passed away generation after generation. The story of Kukui became a folk tale often told the children to scare them into be good otherwise the Kukui take them away but by nineteen fifty. The community around the walled city was confronted by so much random crime and violence that only older families those that have made their home against the wall had lived there for generations remained at local gatherings. The elders talked about Kukudji that? Maybe it was time to call up the spirit but they were always laughed at their folktales dismiss. When the aging mayor realized at the end of his beloved community was in sight he called a special gathering of the elders and together they prayed and sang songs calling on the spirit of cocoon. Within days of the meeting of the elders crime left the community and also left a lot of bodies now flash forward to the hundreds of refugees being held at the US Mexican border several reporters from ABC NBC. Cbs visited the cage paraded families. It was a famous. Cbs reporter Luke made her way to the heart of the refugees and spoke to a mother who expressed a sense of calm explaining in broken English. That could Kui had been summoned. Not sure what she had heard. What was that aspect of? Her conversation was removed from the interview. It was leaked to the press just ten days after that interview that many of the guards come down with a virus of course it was attributed to illness. Popeye refugees or was it

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