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Guys thanks for the commentary on this topic appreciate you talking about it


That America can actually see what type of people do exist and are the type of people that are doing exactly what all the black Americans are mad about here's the situation with that but I'm gonna try to help out some of the white rednecks that are out there what you're looking at is how what we take out the fact that anyone black white yellow whatever you want let's take race out of it and just say there are American citizens American citizens that are not getting the right of American citizens it shouldn't matter to anyone of these people are black or white as American citizens we should all stand up for each other to help the rights that are given to us by the constitution and that's that noble for all these people that are walking around looking at this never going well what do you do what do you do he didn't have a gun he did not threaten the police so guests should not be an option hearing there's a reason why we're innocent until proven guilty so that people that go rogue and believe that they're above the law like so many people in our government believes right now can't do what they want to go well he did it and I was just in forcing it now at some point it's just too much work in a police state we're allowing government officials and people that work for the government on every level to do more than we should ever be allowing them to do and this is where we all need to stand up and go against them because the reason why the news and everyone always tried to make it about race is one of the few people that are on the far right and far left or don't care are you a body and not see what the people in the middle of trying to say so forget about race just recognize that this is a human being then a man and a citizen of these United States of America that doesn't get too involved what is virgin lights are why does it have to be more than that everyone should stand everyone thought and if you watch that film and you thought of anything other than a man being murdered in cold blood you are literally the problem of this country and I will help you practice in pay for you to get the hell out this is stupid okay

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