MLB's Next Steps and Minor League Crisis

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Is this Jeff Passan or is it jet passing? This is Jeff, Passan but Jeff Passan may actually have been right except like a week or so early. Maybe Jeff. Passan isn't. MLB INSIDER FOR ESPN jet passing. Is someone on social media pretending to be jeff who incorrectly tweeted last week that the league in players had reached an agreement. Jet Passan actually deemed me to apologize. That's actually really nice. It was. He's a he or she don't know. Let's not not all trolls don't know who who Jeff Passan's but jet said it was intended for my friends and I didn't realize ten thousand likes later. The as many people were going to see it. So, Jeff talks between the Union and the League of heated up as the clock is ticking down, there's been a lot of back and forth with you, reporting that the owners are preparing a new offer, but let's back up to last week when they before their last offer, which had huge pay cuts for the stars. The players soundly rejected it then on Sunday night. Mlb Pa submitted a counter proposal to the league. What did they ask for? In that deal was really the opposite of what the owners had proposed earlier in the week, MLB had proposed an eighty two game schedule with significant pay cuts that were on a gradient and grew larger for the players who are making more money. This was a total nonstarter for the players who have been sticking with this notion of having pro-rated salaries paid in full, so the players on Sunday came back with not just full pro rated salaries, but over one hundred fourteen games in a season that would run all the way through the end of October so that there would be a postseason in November which we have never seen before. It was. Not Quite as radical as the owners proposal was to the players, because it included things like potential deferrals and a little tiny, give back, and saying hey will have expanded playoffs through two thousand, twenty, one as well, but this was never going to be the type of proposal that the owners would consider. Let alone except. So, what are the owners counteroffer? Well, the owners having countered yet, but what they've done is they've discussed the possibility of going back into this March twenty sixth agreement that they have with the players and utilizing some of the language in there really as a Cudgel, this language essentially gives rob Manfred the commissioner, the right to make the schedule for the two thousand twenty season. Now it's after good faith discussion with the players, but it says that a schedule can be made, and it has to include economic feasibility it has include a health and safety. It has to really include all of. Of these different things that could make it viable in major league baseball's mind, the most viable way to pay players a full prorated salary that they desire is to do so over a schedule of about fifty games. Give or take a few, and that doesn't seem like a lot because it's not, but it's also the thing that is going to leverage these discussions in one of two ways Meena. It's either going to get baseball back on the field in two thousand twenty, or it's going to get baseball on a courtroom arguing over legal ease in over the enforceability of these provisions. So one hand they said all right. We'll go back to the pro rated salaries that you guys have been clamoring for that. You claimed we all agreed to back in March, but on the other hand we might end up playing significantly fewer games correct and the reason for that according to the owners. Is that every game that they play this year? They are going to lose money now. This is a contention with which the MLB Players Association vehemently disagrees, and it has been seeking out documentation to support this idea whether it's television contracts, sponsorship agreements projections internally from clubs on what their revenues would look like as well as what they would. Would have to pay out both to players to employees and two others. They're looking essentially Meena for receipts, and the League has yet to provide that sort of information, because well, that sort of information for a long time has been privileged and I think there are some teams that are afraid that if they give up too much information, it's going to give too much leverage to the players in the future to understand how the finances work exactly, and you know if you're a team. That's looking to make as much money as you can. You don't want the people who can take the most money from you knowing exactly what your hand

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