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SpaceX Starship prototype explodes in engine test


All rocket company SpaceX gonna make a second attempt in the coming hours to get two NASA astronauts back into orbit the names are dug girly Bob bank in their flight to the international space station on Wednesday was postponed because of bad weather at Florida's Kennedy Space Center tomorrow's forecast roughly the same is the weather forecasters say conditions will probably be a little more touch and go the liftoff is scheduled for about twelve twenty Vegas time there's a large focus on this mission because it's the first time the United States would launch astronauts to the international space station since the space shuttle program was retired back in twenty eleven it's also the first occasion NASA has used a private company to transport astronauts into orbit SpaceX though sorry having another step back as their latest starship model type exploded after an engine test today in South Texas and it's proving grounds there they successfully test fired the starship vehicle yesterday of its part of its preparations for an upcoming launch test that could have carried the rocket only about a hundred fifty meters up however SpaceX has bigger plans once all this gets moving they want the starship to carry up to one hundred people at a time into space and in the plans eventually trips to

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