The dangerous use of off label prescribing in times of a pandemic

Second Opinion


FDA requires prescription drugs to go through rigorous testing for both safety and efficacy as a result only a small number of drugs that are developed are ever approved for use and then only for narrow indications so take for example. A drug called Gabba Penton. It was approved in the early nineteen nineties as an anti seizure medicine but it didn't work very well. So experts began to promote it for use to treat all sorts of other conditions including pain bipolar disorder attention deficit disorder restless leg syndrome and Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome. It has not been approved for any of these reasons but doctors prescribe the drug heavily and Gabba. Penton is not the only example even if there is no proof and the FDA has not approved drug for a specific condition doctors can still prescribe it because here in the United States doctors are allowed to prescribe drugs off label in other words for reasons completely different than what they were intended for or for what. They were tested to treat. It stands to reason that Dr should only prescribe pills to treat conditions for which there is good evidence of effectiveness but that is not the case in the United States. These off label prescriptions account for one out of every five prescriptions. That means that twenty percent of all drug prescriptions are for conditions for which the drug was not approved so when the president tells us that despite warnings from the FDA. He's taking the Anti Malaria. Drug Hydroxy cleric win as prevention for COVID nineteen. It raises all kinds of red flags. Currently there is no. Fda approved drug to treat or prevent covid moreover several studies. Most recently in Jama have shown that hydroxy chloroquine has been shown to be in effective intriguing covid in effective. So how wide why? The president's doctor prescribed this drug went. Experts advise against taking the drug will because it was being prescribed off label for a non approved condition and the same is true for thousands of doctors who prescribed this drug for themselves for their families or for patients on the advice of a real estate developer. Who HAPPENS TO BE THE PRESIDENT? I suspect the public thought that the president knew something that the rest of us didn't inside information. Well IT TURNS OUT. He didn't the rest of US. Were reading the medical research and new. The drug was a very little use to those with. Covert the use of off label. Drugs drives up the cost of healthcare and exposes patients to unnecessary risks. Uncertain outcomes. Hydroxy chloroquine can cause abnormal heart rhythms and dangerous rapid heart rates. So doctors who've written these prescriptions without any scientific basis. Now have a moral duty to reach out and inform patients about the risk of medical treatment with hydroxy chloroquine and the lack of any benefit. And we need to rethink the policy of allowing doctors to write prescriptions for drugs that lack any proof of benefit at a very minimum. We should require doctors to inform their patients that they are being prescribed drug that has not been proven effective for their

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