#462 - I Can't Breathe



To show. You staying safe buddy. I'm doing my darndest as you and I were just saying I am in Los Angeles, and I'm pretty much. SMACK DAB between the two hot. we had a night of helicopters. Lot of weird noises could be. Gunshots could have been other stuff fireworks, but. was definitely inactive night in Los Angeles and I. It was pretty sleepless night for me as well. Yeah where I am is A little north of Hollywood so I'm not in the. in the thick of it. There's been some helicopter flyovers. There's been some protesters, but I haven't heard any any massive violence, but we're both under the same curfew because Angeles County is just so huge. an originally. I heard that the curfew was going to be four and the notification that came on my phone said it was going to be six. And right now I've got. a friend who is an LAPD officer. Who was texting me going dude, just stay home. This isn't a joke. It is bad Santa. Monica's on fire. Normally you know he'll. He'll text me things like he'll say. This is what is being said on the media, but here's the reality he this time he's like. Don't don't leave man. Just stay home. Don't even go get groceries. Don't get gas. Just stay home. I saw on on on TV that melrose was. With getting trashed, and that's down by where the groundlings is and the Improv. Yeah we're both of us have have been a few times have. You been down to that area. Have you looked out and seen I know you left the house a little bit ago to kind of get some supplies and stuff. Are you noticing in your area, some some damage and some some boards and everything. Oh Yeah we'll no damage yet but My communities preparing for what could come. Things are getting boarded up. People Are Getting Ready It seems like I I can't say but seems like the damage that was done in the areas near to us is was done in. Probably the protests will move on to other areas so. Who knows we are? Recording on Sunday night and We might actually get some some background noise of of the actual events around us as we speak. Well If at any point you need to go, just feel free to let me know but For the most part it doesn't seem that they've been really messing with residential areas. You know it seems to be. It seems for the most part what is happening is the protests are peaceful? The vast majority of people want to keep it peaceful. And then either rioters within the protests decide to use the protests as an opportunity while the police are busy to to loot and steal things or outside people come in with the purpose of creating havoc. I think in one area. Eighty percent of the people arrested did not have addresses in that community. They were they were coming in from out of town. in some cases we've seen police. PRETENDING TO BE ACTIVISTS BUSTING WINDOWS OUT. There have been two cases that I know of one was completely confirmed. I'm sure you've seen it the guy with the with the purple. Purple Gas Mask on. It was obviously a cop and got busted. MISHMASHING autozone windows and the reality is, you can have a peaceful protest. And one person smashes. The window to a target or a best buy. And people just as a species I think are opportunistic, so you're doing one thing, and then you see smashing going on and what they would consider free stuff sitting there that can change the whole dynamic and people who showed up for a peaceful protest can then shift gears and become rioters, thereby undermining the basis of the protests. You know and it's crazy because you. You never know how it's getting started. Did did peaceful protesters become violent? Did peaceful protesters show up to be peaceful and then were shot. Rubber. Bullets were shot at them by police. There's so many different things that can escalate this and all of those things happen. depending on where you are, you know yeah. I mean when when you talk about the outside agitators I mean. We're talking about people and this is. Do you know preliminary reporting? But it makes sense to me. People who wanted to foment. A race war, civil war N. just civil unrest in general for a long time. This has been part of their plan that are coming in with the worst of intentions. Imagine you can imagine being a white supremacist now sitting at home watching television, you see a peaceful protests going on. How how convenient is it to throw on a mask? And a Hoodie. Go pretend to be a black lives, matter activist, and create damage and cause havoc to make be l.. Him Look like a terrorist organization. That's it's the perfect opportunity, but at the same time it's also the perfect opportunity to actually be violent and say hey. These are white supremacists coming in here pretending to do it. This has been a a war strategy for for. Millennia I'm sure where people create havoc and then blame it on somebody else this is this is not a new thing. And it's been at least speculated in many protests around the world that the cops will go in in disguise, and they start breaking windows, because that gives them the license that then come in and break up the protests in a fashion. They're comfortable with AKA, cracking skulls and people now I'm not saying that that's necessarily what happened, but it's been speculated, and even to some degrees proven in previous protests protests in the in the past end as you mentioned. We've already got one photograph of the guy that was a cop. Causing problems? And since we're multi, many several nights into this out each night seems to take on a different dynamic, and it continues to change what we witnessed in Minneapolis was not necessarily what we witnessed in Philadelphia. You know the following NYPD this is. There's a million moving parts. And as you said it, you said you want to say it's unprecedented. We've seen stuff like this before, but it is certainly historic. You know. People split into so many different categories. When something like this happens, and it's. It's really heartbreaking. But?.

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