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Bachelor Presents Listen To Your Heart Week 4: New Dates Bring Drama - burst 19


Us we'll Harrington. Why was Julia so upset at the end? She had no one to blame but herself. Also Chris and have to be the front runner right. Feel like they should be the front runner but because they feel like it should be the front runner. They're not right right and I think Julia was upset because Her performance go super while the surgery guy she liked is a dish seeing. She led a guy who actually wasn't as and did like her. She's just kind of realizing. Yeah hitting her that they had really great your last week. So it's sort of like results oriented into like. Oh well I like. I said we had Great Chemistry. That so it's gotta be Brandon's fall. There's no blame for her on the performance at all yeah e. she'd like Natasha did Kinda like dirtier up. That was like sorry to say it. Say here say it wasn't because it did. It was definitely. I did see something that was like Julia got told this. Katy Perry got broken up with her husband like before a big performance. You'll like you couldn't just suck it up. It's like yeah whatever I will probably be about

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