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Hello and welcome to the PODCAST. You're weekly does for all things travel. Who Am sure today? I'm your host. My name is Don Meyer. My wife is off doing some much needed research. On some future travel endeavors and travel destinations So today I am your host for the half hour or so that we have you for For this session and boy. I'm I'm so happy to be able to talk with you again and happy to be able to share with you what we have in store for you today. It has been an interesting couple of weeks to say the least with ups and downs and all over the place with the Kovic Nineteen scare and with certain states opening up and closing down own death tolls getting higher getting the infection rates continuing to grow it has been for all intensive and purposes a very Challenging time for all of us and You know looking at the way things are going. It's going to be quite some time before we get back to any semblance of normalcy For whatever that is whether that's you know going back to work In a work environment for those of us who have been working in corporate environments that could be going to an office space in in cubicles and in gatherings and stuff like that You know looking at what's going on. It's going to be quite some time before that in and of itself becomes the norm again For those of you who are unemployed you know. Hopefully things are going to come back to normal pretty soon. We'll be able to open up the doors to Everything that we've done you know whether it's retail or or or Hospitality or whatever. The industry is war. We're we're certainly hopeful that we'll all get through this really quickly and you know to the best of own abilities. Hopefully you know we we fair through this as best we possibly can You know we here at purely podcast have been battling a number of different things trying to figure out work in school and life. And we've been doing travel cancellations and all sorts of different things it's been been quite Quite challenging to say the least and You know our hearts go to all those who've been affected by this you know fortunately here in Northern California. We've been locked down for cash going on the last seven eight weeks now and It has been interesting to say. The least We are going a bit. Stir crazy as I imagine you all are just trying to get through all this with with our sanity intact and with some semblance of normalcy attributed to what we do Long story short of it. Obviously going back to normal. It's going to be a luxury if you will in the foreseeable future we hope that Things will calm down and we'll be able to you know all resume life is is. Is We enjoyed it before? Obviously things are going to be quite a bit different in here. At pure life will keep you abreast of. What's what's been going on. And how things are progressing along from this front but You know if if there are things that you've you've been planning for You know there's there's travel that she'd been looking to do you know take take some time in review what we've been talking about over the last few weeks about the credit cards in the travel rewards programs in the difference in a hotel programs and things of that nature because once things do come back into play. You know doing a little bit of homework and doing a little bit of pre-planning that's GonNa help to really be able to get you ahead of the game if you will and not not be part of the throngs that come back into everything As things slowly start to get back to normal so with that As I said my wife's off doing some much needed research I'm your host for today In keeping with our recent traditions. I am Here enjoying my My little glass of Of loveliness here And I wanted to continue on with the theme that we've had for the last couple of weeks. Which is our drinking the week and for those of you who've been with us for the last couple of weeks as you know we've been doing some mixed drinks Talked about a really good top-shelf Mar Margarita. With the freshest of ingredients try and keep it as low in the sugar and you know the the high-fructose nonsense that that is added to a lot of these drinks but really just keep it nice and fresh and and and really enjoyable next we followed it up with a inexpressible Martini. Twist if you will on the vodka Martinis but really really good twist. That adds a good kick a good zest. Good Dino Buzz if you will to To the Martini also really complements the Vodkas that we have chosen. This week might take it down and a little bit ticket to simpler more. Simplistic Ingredients As you guys have heard over the last couple of weeks My favorite kind of Indulgent if you will is a straight Bourbon Street whiskey I'm really getting into some of the Scotch whiskies and exploring a lot of the American bourbons or some really really great bourbons that are out there. Obviously there's a staples like Jim Beam Jack Daniels and stuff like that which I certainly do enjoy But if you want to enjoy a really Gosh full-bodied Bourbon That is drinkable that Doesn't require you know Like a coke or anything like that to be added to it My go-to which I've got right here with ME IS A. It's a Basil Hayden's Basil Hayden's is a an American Bourbon. It's been around for quite some time. And it is part of the Jim Beam family And it is a Part of their their small batch bourbons produced by the the Beam Suntory Company Sunsari came in and invested into the Jim Beam Distilleries and of created this huge conglomerate of different spirits if you will Basil is one of their premium brands and it is really true to its roots. Its roots go back about two hundred years There was a Hayden family that migrated from From the UK. During the time we're Catholics were being persecuted. They bolted from the UK. Set up shop on the New England coast of America and then in roughly about When was it seventeen? Eighty five or so the Basil Hayden Senior Moved transplanted from his home in Maryland and went into Kentucky and there he started to brew a a batch of Bourbon based on the things that he had on hand and the stuff that he had on hand was some Ryan. Some other things like that too He tried to stay true to the the Bourbon form if you will But really kind of came up with an interesting mash of his own creation which I truly enjoy. It is a an eighty proof or forty percent alcohol if you will Very very light bodied Bourbon. Whiskey very drinkable in my favorite is just a single cube of ice and you can get these What are they called a whiskey balls if you will Whiskey balls brand of ice cube makers if you will make those Globes or the the the the square or the the cubed type of a larger size cubes I like it with a single ball of ice or cube ice if you will And Basil on top of it port and get it a little Chilled by the ICE. And Oh my goodness it is just. It is just absolute heaven for me so there you have it if you are a Bourbon Aficionado in you are into drinking. Bourbons my recommendation for you right now. If you haven't tried one is a Basil Hayden's need If you like at NEAT Or with a single Cuba vice or on the rocks if you will Once it's it's Gotten a little cool in a little bit of water from the ice itself is just so smooth and just so drinkable and really accomplishments just about

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