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Ep. 1006 - The Quiet Rebellion - burst 05


Of break-ins according to a police report demand Gregory McMichael Sixty four called out to his own travis. Mcmichael thirty four grabbed their weapons at three fifty. Seven Magnum revolver shotgun jumped into a truck and began following Mr Albury. Okay so as we will see the. The question is whether they actually witnessed a crime in progress and then got active. Is One of the operative questions here. You don't have the right to. Let's say three weeks ago. You saw a grainy videotape. I look I saw walked down. The street looks just like that suspect in Georgia. You don't have the right to go grab you're going to try to rest that you can't affect you wait a citizens restless wash crime progress and you're attempting to stop the crime. This will become an issue. Stop they shouted at Mr. Are Berry we wanNA talk to you. Moments later after struggle over the shotgun are berry was killed. Shot at least twice. No one has been charged or arrested in connection with the February twenty third killing the case received little attention beyond Brunswick but raised questions in the community about racial profiling because our berry was black. And the father and son are white. And about the interpretation of the state's self-defense. Laws now again. The

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