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Post Spring Garden Tuneups with Ken Druse A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach May 4 2020


Because you can't prune every evergreen conifer share them A you a taxes. You has endless dormant. Buds will. You've seen you've seen us are five hundred years old you can cut them to the ground practically. It's new one yeah But if you do that with pine tree you have killed the pine tree you have to have green growth and really the only thing you can do with pine whether it's dwarf so you can reach it or if you have a ladder or now a long reach crooner. They have new growth right about now. That's a maybe three to four inches long and they call them candles. I know I love that candles. Yeah they're gonNA turn into the WORL- of sort of feathery growth if you see on like a white pine and most pines well all kinds really have that kind of growth whether they're short Jordan issue needles or long. And you want to snap those candles in but in half or leave one-third and it's really almost the only kind of way that you can thicken up the growth on a Pine Tree. Right snap that candle and that's usually like For us it's about second week in. May something like that. So it's kind of like pinching which is another good subject for this time of year you know to get so it's like pinching those candles that soft growth before they develop Yeah so pinching is something that a lot of skip because spring starts to demand so many chores and we miss it and whether it's with annuals or with some certain perennials. Giving them a little bit of a haircut before they're fully developed before they're in full stature and not all of them but some of them it can really like you. Don't do this with a lowly. You don't do this with the Peony I'm not saying pinch those But but a lot. I mean you probably know a lot that are good. Astor's for instance a lesson. I learned about Astor's I learned from the woodchucks who loved Astor's and they love to see you know they'll be six or eight inches high in May sometime and then the witch will come in and they shoot down all the astor's and I'm like Oh and then sure enough it pushes up all this growth in this kind of Bushier and better stature. Not Quite so tall and you know to flocks exact the twelve Nikki Lauda Fox right. Right Helen. Neom is another one. What's the name of that sneeze? We'd or something Hellenic Him so those are good the false dragon's teeth they said like. Oh beat they call it obedient plant to these. Are All these common names? I don't know the common means terrible. The joke even Joe Pye weed if you have one of the ones that gets really tall and you want to be a little less tall You could even pinch that any other on your list. Well I know that people who grow Dahlia's Pinch Them I. I have no familiar with that. Yeah my flower farmer. Friend Jenny Elliot from tiny hearts farm here in Kopech New York. She always does and she says she can. Hardly think of any quote annual. I mean the the daily is like more of a bulb type of thing tuber but She can hardly think of any annual. She grows for cut flower business. That she doesn't pinch the only ones that you could really think of off the top of her head and we're conversation we had recently. Were like the Celosias. The ones that get like the brain type of you know flower commission but basically you know Zinnias and marigolds. Everything Cosmos she says. Do really better after a pinching. And what happens is when you wait until something gets to be. I don't now depending on the thing. Three four inches tall and in some of the cases of the perennials. It might be a little taller than that and you take off. Maybe half the growth or in the case of the annuals. You go down a bit so that you leave. Maybe three sets of leaves down below you end up with it breaks it it goes it gets more stems. And if you're cut flower grower more stems is a good thing and stronger stems right. Not One or two big spindly things but a more bushy with lots of flowers being offered. So that's kind of good well. If you're growing a lot of herbs you can do that too and you don't have to cut them in half or cut them way back. You can just actually take your fingernails and pet the newest growth. And then the the little dormant buds along the axles were. Leaves are will wake up. And that's what turns into bushy plant with a a Begonia. You WanNa do that with almost every big on you know. If you're growing the fibers begonias Potter survey. Right right right right right but again you know you don't Pinch Day Lily. You don't pinch a true lily you don't pinch. I don't think you don't pinch. Ornamental grasses peonies the bearded iris the irises. It's it's it is such a great example because almost everyone can visualize win a clump of flocks. Comes up out of the ground? You know if it's been in the ground while there is a hundred or more little shoots right in close proximity and so you can imagine you know that that's the type of thing and asters are like that. You know this end up a lot and and so forth a lot of these daisy like plants as well. So I've even read that you can do it with Russian sage I've never done it for that. And then there's the other form of it's not pinching but it's sort of more deadheading or shearing the comes later so some of the earliest perennials will have gone by and then some ones will go by in like late. May and June. And if you don't deal with them the garden can really look like hell in July and August Katzman for the four BIA's or you know it's nice to give them a a cutback after they finish blooming right and so some of those things will bloom again if you come back right. I think the nepotism cap missile. Sometimes right yeah I do it with my perennial geraniums my drain your macro rise in US ground cover after it finishes blooming. I really sheer it. I use head shears. I get down low and I clipped clipped clip with head cheers because it's too hard to do miles of it. Otherwise you know with just a crooner goods they can dump sir. Yes and it doesn't get quite as tall but in a way that's better because it doesn't kind of flop over onto things adjacent to it and so forth so no it just keeps it tighter and nicer and I don't have the stent flowers sticking up above the foliage so rather than literally deadheading pinching off one of a thousand flowers you know one every six or ten inches around a huge see of these things under big SHRUB borders. I just take the hedge clippers and do it wholesale speaking of things that look like Hell folks after you do them and I sometimes say that would make the garden last you kind of have to make it a mess for a minute so two weeks at a look better as long as you water well after you do it and so my my brain is swimming. Yeah there's a lot to do. Yeah I'm I'm sorry couple few minutes left and I just wondered you know other things that you think of that. Help you make your garden keep going you know the other years you would go to the garden center and and get things on sale and plug them in right And maybe it's something that you are going to get some plants from the garden center even in your drive by pickup. Might think of some things that may not be in flower but will be to plug it. We see these beautiful perennial borders and we think how are perennial border? Doesn't look like that. Well they're they're taking out some of the bad things and replacing them with some good things you know sometimes when you do have tours. Sometimes I've put things in pots in bloom. Just stick them in. Yeah well and you know I I used to say hoste pot. Why not in other words if I don't have something for particular pot and I do a lot of pot arrangements in sort of semi shady or bright shady areas near the house And you know I mean maybe I don't WanNa go and buy fifty dollars worth of something anyway. Even if the garden center were open to fell apart. And sometimes I've taken my divisions from hostas you know and I've plunked him in there and it looks great. It looks great and do you know what I mean. It's architectural especially the bigger ones. You know So Young Shrub Shrub that you're going to buy for the garden but don't plan it until the fall. Put it in a pot this spring in summer right. I mean improvise. I think well the there's so much we can talk about. I know we don't have time like you know. Cool season plans to start from seed later on. And what about all those house plants here repotting and taking outside? We'll have to talk about house plants. At some point we will force me. They will force us. Yours have a much better life over there in your scenario than mine have your summer. The plants outside. It's good dutiful introduction to your whole Garden City L. It's a deal all right. Well thank you thank you thank you can and like. I said last time I miss you so go all right..

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