Building your personal brand.


Welcome to hacking your leadership. I'm Chris and this is talent Tuesday this short weekly segment dedicated to all things talent related before we begin. I have a small favored ask the Renzo and I are in the process of writing next leadership book and we've created a short seven question multiple choice survey to gather some data if you have about a minute to spare good hacking your leadership dot com forge last survey and give us some insight all right for this talent. Tuesday episode. I WanNa talk about your personal brand. Companies have brands including the one for which you currently work. Some people are fortunate enough to work for brands. That are admired. There's not so much whether the brand of your organization is known around the world or just within your particular industry. It's a good bet. There are people working hard to maintain or even raise the image of that brand everyday. People also have brands literally. Everyone does we all have that one friend who we know. We'll be late to the lunch meeting. We also probably know someone who if they were even five minutes late. We'd assume something terrible happen to them because they're just never late. Think about the people you work closest with is there one you'd reach out to. I ask for help on something. Is there one year so against asking for help that you'd literally rather not get an answer reach out? These people all have brands. You have a brand and I promise you. There is no single thing more important to the opening of doors in your career. Then your personal brand a leader and mentor. I highly respect once told me that the most important conversations impacting my career will happen without me even being in the room and his unsettling is that thought might be one hundred percent true. This is because people don't typically WanNa talk about you candidly while you can hear what they're saying especially the result of that conversation might lead to a dropping engagement or performance. They'd much rather you not even know you were considered but passed over for something unless there's a specific fixable reason and they believe you can actually fix it and even under those circumstances it'll be presented to you in a different way than how it was hashed out between your leader in their peers while there's no way to stop these conversations from happening without you. It's absolutely possible to control the narrative by controlling your personal brand Morgan Stanley. Vice-chairman Carla Harris has been using technique for years that I try to live by whenever I can. I pick three adjectives that I'd like people to think of me as I pick adjectives that align with the brand the values and the direction of the organization and I begin to take daily steps to associate myself with them. I find ways to self identify these things verbally to people with whom? I have conversations if I want to be known as trustworthy. I'll ask workers to confide in me and I'll tell them flat out untrustworthy. And that'll never repeat what they're telling me. This calls out the association between trust and ME TO THAT CO WORKER. Who is now more likely to think of me as someone they can trust. Plenty of trustworthy. People aren't ever known as such because while they do the work of actually being trustworthy. They don't do the equally important work of building their personal brand around it. If you're a leader of people or if you WANNA be one having a solid personal brand a requisite to being able to lead effectively it takes a long time to build and only a moment to destroy and it will undoubtedly stir the direction of your entire career. Thanks for listening and have a great

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