Governor Newsome is shutting


Turn of events, but one governor Gavin Newsom says is necessary amid the continued spread of covert 19 and his briefing Monday, the governor had said quote the data suggests not everybody's practicing common sense and quote, noting And in the early months of the pandemic, the state slowed the spread to the degree that reopening could occur. But the ignoring of directives such as wearing a face masks and people congregating too close, there was no alternative but to shut down again. The Los Angeles Unified School District has made a decision on whether to reopen classrooms in the fall after pressure from parents, teachers and the teachers union, the USDA has decided not to have in person classes for the coming fall semester. Concerns were raised about the safety of students, teachers and their families. And the second largest school district in the nation listened come August, classes will continue to be taught online. Only filled Hewlett K. ABC, New San Diego schools will also shut down their classrooms. No word yet on Orange County schools. The Orange County School board meeting a set for tonight, the body of glee. Scott Glee star near River has been found. Ventura County Sheriff Bill Ayoub says Search crews found the 33 year old floating In the northeast corner of Lake Piru, based on the location where

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