4 more states added to NY's coronavirus quarantine list


Airport travelers arriving to New York now from other US states on the. The states quarantine lists not every US state, but maybe Louisiana wherever Massachusetts places are have high numbers of cases, or whatever all are going to be required to fill out detailed contact forms upon landing, so it'll be just like when you fly into another country. They're not gonNA. Ask You for your papers. They're going to give you papers to fill out yourself. They're too lazy to fill out the papers for you Yup and there you will also get a fine and a summons for noncompliance. If you don't do what they say, you'll be required to fill out the detailed contact forms upon landing. According to Mr Andrew Cuomo the New York Governor F. He's calling it. A safeguard for protecting New York from the further spread of the coronavirus from other states where infection in death rates are rising travelers don't complete the state's contact. Form can be fined two thousand dollars and required to report to court, and possibly face further penalties from there, and so of course then you're on their list once. Once you fill out their form, and they can then do their thing of tracking you an sending contact tracers after you and mess force quarantining you and that sort of thing, so that's coming

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