iPhone Users Who Experienced 'Batterygate' Can Now File to Receive Around $25 Settlement From Apple



You've got caught in the Columbus Battery Gate Calamity. Get ready to grab a little dory me. A very little DOE ray me. And Gadget says there's a site setup that'll let victims of the slow ness apply for as much as twenty five dollars. If? You're not sure what we're talking about. This was the thing where apple slowed the performance of some iphones and didn't tell anybody they were doing that. Then it got caught doing that and said it was sorry. Launched a battery replacement program for affected phones and Gadget says. Apple agreed to pay up to five hundred million dollars to US consumers as part of a settlement that came out of its iphone Battery Gate Saga. That happened at the beginning of March of this year. which fun fact was ninety seven years ago? To qualify for a payment report says you must either currently have or previously owned an iphone, six iphone, six plus iphone six as iphone, six S, plus and or an iphone s e, the ran IOS tend to dot one or later before the twenty first of December twenty seventeen. Also included iphone seven and I phone seven plus models that ran IOS. Eleven thought two or later before. December twenty, first twenty seventeen. You must have also experienced. Diminished performance on your device. Settlement sites. FAQ Says Apple will provide a cash payment of approximately twenty five dollars per eligible device. If you want in on that stack, Lincoln's and gadget says you have until the sixth of October to submit a claim at that point, you can expect payment at some point after the fourth of December. That's when a judge will sign off on the settlement. Provided. There aren't any appeals.

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