Exploring the Possibilities with Lisa Canning, author, designer, and mother of 8! Ep 154


This is episode one hundred, Fifty Four. We're going to be interviewing Lisa canning. Who is a fascinating woman? She is a designer author mom of Eight. We are always. Interested to hear how people make it work with large families, so speaking of large families. In a certain series called the baby sitters club. There was also a family with eight children I believe Oh yes. Yes the Mallory family. You name also all eight. I probably could at some point because. Right now both of the age where we are obsessed with this was very important to our ten year old cells so Sarah. Tell us about the baby sitters club your new favorite show yet. That show is amazing and if you haven't checked it out on net flex. You absolutely should particularly if you were. Born sometime in the late seventies or eighties and enjoyed the books when you were growing up. Because man, they did an amazing job translating those books, keeping so many elements, but also modernizing it I mean I just hats off to the team. That did this adaptation. I am in love because it's not like a nineteen eighty period piece. It's like. Action it could have been, and that would have been fun, but it's even better the way they did it now. Well, how did it because I mean thirteen year? Old Girls don't really babysit anymore. Well, they do on the show show okay. I would hire these girls in. I mean the very responsible they. It seems like they do a lot of short daytime jobs for like kids. Aren't that young I? Mean that part's a little. You're right. It's not as common anymore, but. I don't know I. Buy it, and they bring such. They bring the. They just is such a great job. They brought diversity elements all different kinds of diversity elements into the show in really like cute and poignant ways. Just, I don't want to give away any spoilers, but I just watched episode for last night. It was like gas. It's just great. It was. It's such a great business idea though I mean this is the baby sitters club. He think about it. Could find any center like if you had a you know Friday night, and instead of calling to six people. You have I mean this is less of a sort of thing. I guess now you could group. Text them all but. It's. Back with our technology that we had at the time you know once one hundred I mean. I actually think yeah. It was a it was a good idea. Where is there weren't more actual copycat? Kristy, Thomas, little entrepreneur and she. Made, it work made it work. I was obsessed with the books. You read like a lot of them right you. Oh, yeah, like I mean. Until they got triple digits and I kinda outgrew it. I read all of them, and like many times each. I recall I had A. I had some of them I I don't know I somehow didn't have the ability to forget or whatever, but I would go. Sometimes I would spend the night at a friend's house. Who had all of them? I don't know somehow she got I would always like read one like she'd go to sleep and I agreed one. Forbidden Fruit. And Martin. I wasn't forbidden. It was just I didn't have. Or whatever and she did, so it was. It was like I could always find the new one there. So. That was really cool. But yes will. You should check it out to end. Let us know about your. Baby Sitters Club Reading Memories, if like Sarah in May, you are somewhere between the ages and I mentioned that if you have a child between the ages of Seven and twelve seven eleven, something like that, they really enjoy watching with you because I had annabel join me last night and I actually I was a mean mom and I didn't let her start at the beginning. She didn't care like I had already watched episodes one through three and I was like. Do you want to watch episode four and she was like okay at she loved it sparked goes. And It did feel quite age appropriate so Larry. All right. We'll check it out now onto Lisa. Well, we are delighted to welcome Lisa Canning to the program. She is the author of the book. The possibility mom, she is also designer You may have seen her on HDTV in the past. She is also the mom of eight kids. Her youngest was born right around the same time that Henry was so. He just at the beginning of one eight twenty, the Lisa Welcome to the program. Thank you so much for having me. I'm so excited to talk to what we're excited to have you as well. So why don't you tell us a little bit about your career journey? Because I know you've had a lot of different iterations and we would love to hear about how this. This has gone for ten years. I was an interior designer in my hometown of Toronto Canada and got my start in front of the camera, hosting a show on HDTV which was a very unique as super fun experience, and then that led me to working behind the scenes on several productions, in the HDTV world, so I worked with the property brothers for many years. And I worked behind the scenes on lots of different. Lifestyle, television shows, and at the same time as building. Television and interior design

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