Ohio Lawmaker Comes up With Unique Reason Not to Wear a Mask


I I need to talk about something. Okay okay There is a Gop that's a Republican Yes Ohio state representative by the name of Nino vitale or trying to figure out how you save tally. Batali there. We go If not the correct right way He is Against wearing face masks surprise surprise. He's a Cova Denier And that to actually denies the existence of the virus. Wow I think he's one of those. Yeah I'm I'M PRETTY SURE. This is the guy Anyway he said that these the the stay at home orders during the pandemic and the requiring of wearing masks to slow the spread of disease would violate his Judeo Christian principles. leans heavily on one or the other of me. Judeo Slash Christian. But I can tell you what you want to. I don't to be honest with this one. I don't know which one he's leaning down because it doesn't make very much says one of This is the greatest nation on Earth. Founded on Judeo Christian principles. One of those principles is that we are all created in the image and likeness of God that that's that's in the constitution right it is and he's and he says this image is seen The most by our face I will not wear a mask k. uh-huh because he's covering the likeness of God. Oh I see yeah. He's he's encouraged his followers to defy the recommendations of Ohio's health director Acton He's says it is time to ignore the unelected Dr Atkins orders. Open your counties now before it's too late. This is not based on GIC. This is based on fear and propaganda and every statistical data driven studied done in the last two weeks says Hell. Death counts are low and the models on. This is more like the flu. Saying it's funny. Because I have been just puzzling over. Why of fucking virus could be a political football like how does this? How does the disease where a Republican or Democrat mass going? How is that and what I what I and I read a really interesting article. That actually helped me understand it a lot. Okay which was which basically talked about the fact that if we say yes. Government should be should have the right to and should be taking dramatic action here and and and they're the ones they're the right people to collate the data and make a make not only recommendations but orders based on the best information that we have. Then you're admitting the government has a certain has a certain set of roles and part of that is public health and somehow that's so unbearable to the political right of this country that they would rather just deny everything and just and turn it into this political thing. I hear your own people. You're only like these. Are Your voters if you you want them dead. I guess that's I know I. It's madness I if if it weren't if it legitimately truly was just their voters like if it wasn't going to spread beyond that like if it was just stupid and following them you're right I mean but but it's it's it's everyone else. It's all the vulnerable. It's the people were seriously and also the left right if nothing else. It's like everybody else's like no that's ridiculous and seems like at least in parts of the country. They're getting their way. But then it's GonNa be a fucking disaster and then what the does the system then see the light of day and go. No okay. We can't we can't listen to you. Yahoos right now. The world has turned into like it's not Democrat and Republican anymore it's conspiracy theorists add slash like cult member trump cult members. And the rest of US number them right. Maybe we'll see I. We have till November to figure that one

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