20 Khashoggi murder suspects on trial in Turkey in absentia


Hearing is taken place in Turkey in the trial of 20 Saudi Arabian nationals for the murder of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. They're being tried in their absence. Mr Hotshot fianc? Hard to Judge Angus was the first to get evidence on his killing inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul two years ago. Here's our security correspondent Frank Gardner. A teacher. Jenga spoke briefly to journalist. She said that it was a debilitating experience. As she put it, It must have been absolutely harrowing for her. But she says she is determined to see justice. She wants to know what's happened to his body, and she wants to see those who she considers accountable for this brought to justice. The Saudis, however, are not going to extradite anybody. They've said they've already held their own trial, which finished in December. It was held behind closed doors and neither of the two chief suspects as Faras, the international intelligence community concerned we're actually convicted. The French

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