Why has North Korea stopped talking to South Korea?


We should probably acknowledge upfront. The North Korea throwing a massive tantrum about something or other is as shocking headlines. Go up there with Sun rises. The Democratic People's Republic is indeed readily imagine as a vast fortified Kat. It's missile launchers as angrily flung toys, its occupant, a child who's upbringing was rarely punctuated by the. None. So this week's announcement that north. Korea has abruptly severed all communications with South Korea may seem like no big deal. It may even be no big deal, and yes, these caveats are being inserted up the top, just in case North Korea just as abruptly decided to end it sulk while this explaining is still current. At issue? This time is the pretty long standing practice of defectors who have fled North Korea for. South Korea and activists sympathetic to them of drifting balloons across the inaccurately named demilitarized zone which separates the two countries. The balloons generally carry anti-regime messages, but also also born chocolate bars, US dollar notes and advertisements for the joys and benefits of treacherous, warm, mugging capitalist revisionism. She never. We have made a miniature version of the New Testament and we are sending these over by using balloons. Last year, we sent about sixty thousand copies disabled. We're going to send about seventy thousand copies. To. Don Those pudding recently that. To. In fairness to North Korea, which is not a phrase. One authors often. North Korea does have a case. If your neighbor continually floated blimps over your share fence, which scattered pamphlets declaring that you'll loan was tatty in your bird box was ugly. You'd likely scratch them off your Christmas card list as well. There's also the fact that until as recently as two thousand eighteen. South Korea operated immense banks of loudspeakers along the border which broadcast among other things deafening decibels of K pop into North Korea. In this specific context, the keeping of Kim Jong Hoon thumb off. The Big Red Button appears an active superhuman restraint. That aside, however North Korea has never been famous for its sense of proportion in much the same way that South Korea has never been famous for its non annoying pop music and Pyongyang's response to the balloon issue has been characteristically vituperative. Roden Sinmun the official newspaper of the Central Committee of the workers. Party of Korea and a journal which can be safely seemed to be accurately. Reflecting Pyongyang's thinking has called the balloon senders disgusting riffraff rubbish like Mongrel dogs and human scum has said that the tolerance of their behavior by South Korean authorities has aroused out dismay that one may have lost a few degrees of each and translation and menaced vote. showed them how much price they out to be forced to pay for hurting the holiest. And emotions of our people. There's yards more of this sort of stuff if you're a bit start for distraction. The practical implications of North Korea's latest strop as follows the twice daily calls to the Cross Board Liaison Office in the border city of case Song will cease. No more balling sniffling puppet of American imperial thuggery. How's IT hanging? The channels which allowed the military's of the two Koreas to communicate with each other will also be closed. These strategic upshot of all this from north. Korea's perspective is a little hard to glean. The balloon offensive is not new indeed has been going on for a while. North Korea is clearly choosing to make a thing of it, and as invariably the case with people prone to making a thing of things. If it wasn't this, it'd be something else. In this instance, the significant aspects may not be so much the what as the WHO, or whom whichever is correct, one of the signatures on the new no speaks policy. Was that of Kim Yo Jong increasingly prominent sister of Kim Jong UN, long thought of as a sort of executive assistant to her brother. These last few months have seen Commute Jong increasingly framed as a policymaker, and perhaps given the recurrent speculation about Kim Jong UN's health, they future leader North Korea may be trying to get North Koreans and the rest of the world used to her. And all this could be a pretty standard north. Korean play create. Crisis Demaim concession declare victory, and it's a standard play because it works in diplomacy is in life, the reasonable often defer to the unreasonable as long as it will persuade them to shut up. South Korea has already and with an

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