Americans have filed more than 40 million jobless claims in past 10 weeks, as another 2.1 million filed for benefits last week


There there is is this this contagious contagious this this to to re re opening opening and and we're we're in in the the middle middle of not only a global pandemic that is impacted so many American businesses and we are in the middle of a quarter second quarter twenty twenty supposed to be an amazing quarter and now we're going to be down thirty plus percent a lot like the depression here we are in a week where we had another chewed more than two million people lost their jobs this week more than two million people are sort of we're we're up to forty million forty million jobs have been lost over the last ten weeks and I and I think about what how many people is that per day it is it's a staggering number to half a million more than a half million people that's eleven and a half Mercedes Benz stadium's on a good on a good day right begin been given a pink slip now there is good news about if you look at that that's going to see the headline Alan is this Hey we've got forty million people that are jobless no no no they filed a jobless claim it actually doesn't mean the forty million who are employed about twenty were at twenty one million continuing claims continuing claims are those who are still in place so that's a lot of people millions or maybe not the full twenty million if if you look at the two differences forty million jobless claims Israel initially lost job twenty one million people now continuing to be jobless does that mean we've we've had nineteen million hirings probably not exactly the math doesn't work out perfectly like that but millions and millions

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