Moll Cutpurse


Teach along the way and today we're looking back a mile uppers, and the reason why malls supper stands out because she's literally a women that do not play by the, and as you know, women make history when you break some rules. This episode initially aired during our building necessarily. And here's Jenny Kaplan to tell you more about her. Hello for Wonder Media Network. I'm Jenny Kaplan and this is encyclopedia Lamonica. When you imagine England in the era of Shakespeare, you may think of a golden age with the booming economy, a rising interest in exploration and growing merchant middle class, but there was more to it than that. Today traveling to the underbelly of London home to thieves, jokers and tricksters who played both sides of the law are villainous at the day was the most infamous woman of that world. Let's talk about Mary. Frith better known as mall covers. Mary's legacy lies somewhere between truth and legend. Records from her time are often exaggerated, biased or made up. That said here's the story of the cutting mall. Cut Purse as we know it. Mary was born in London in about fifteen eighty four. Her father was an honest cobbler. Nonetheless, Mary's first brush with the law occurred when she was sixteen years old. She was prosecuted for sealing purses. Mary's family quickly grew frustrated with her unf- eminent behavior. Some accounts say that in sixteen o nine. They learned her out to the docks by telling her. There was a wrestling match, and then tricked her onto a ship headed for north. America Mary managed to arrange passage back to shore with betting money. She brought for the match. When she made it back to London she quickly joined a group of pickpockets, earning her name mall cut purse in reference to the way pickpockets cut the purses straight off of their victims hits. Mary also earned a name for herself. Her tavern performances. She would sing dance. Play her loot and crack jokes wall dressed in male clothing. That was quite shocking at the time. To win a bet mall wants gallivanting through the streets of London on the city's most famous performing horse. She wore men's clothing dramatically carried a banner and Blue Trumpet. As soon as the locals recognized her, a riot broke out. The fans and enemies went while some tried to pull her off her horse while others cheered her on mall, just barely managed to escape and collector winnings in the next furrow. Walk quickly grew infamous enough to have books and plays written about her. One play called. The roaring girl features a comedic matchmaking main character named Mall. She's Cold Mad Mall. Life these acts. Team. According to her own testimony, Mary performed at least one after piece for that show. That's short, lighthearted act that follows a theaters main event. In sixteen eleven mall was arrested and thrown in jail for a few months, possibly because of her seemingly inappropriate performance, the following year after pieces were outlawed in the country for their often vulgar nature and tendency to attract pickpockets. Very playhouse where mall performed was used as an example in the case mall was arrested once again a few months later in Saint Paul's Cathedral and she eventually confessed to being publicly drunk swearing, associating with criminals, and of course, flaunting her male clothing. She did Penance at Saint Paul's Cathedral Wall tearfully drunk. Malls. Illegal activities didn't stop there far from it. By sixteen fourteen, she was operating a brokerage of stolen goods out of her house on Fleet Street thieves came to her to sell their spoils and victims would have no choice but to try buying them back hoping to avoid a lengthy court case. Authorities didn't try to stop any of this. In fact, they sometimes came to mall for her expertise and familiarity with local feeds around that time mall also got married, though even that seemed like a means to a criminal end for her. She never actually lived with her husband, and didn't mention him in her. Will Mall continued her underground business as usual, but now at the elevated reputation given to married women, she could even defeat court cases brought against her maiden name by

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