Top 5 Movies That Educated Us About Racism



Locum to film spotting on May Twenty Fifth in Minneapolis George Floyd. A black man was killed when a white police officer kept his knee on Floyd's neck for over eight minutes. As we've all seen protests broke out in the twin cities the next day, and then in cities across the country in the days of the followed as we record this Adam, it's more than a week after they started and the protests do continue, and all of this during a pandemic, that has killed over one hundred thousand Americans a disproportionate number of whom are people of Color. Color. Josh, of course we're so privileged in so many ways, but also in having this platform that is film spotting and to be honest with everyone. We weren't sure the best way to use it this week. One thing we knew we could do was share with our listeners the ways they could support the protesters, and we will put a link to some of those resources in the notes for this show over at film spotting dot net. Ultimately we settled on this top five top five movies that educated us about racism and I think listeners at casting. A good perspective on why this may be a fruitful topic. He says films can teach us so much. The introspection I've gained in life through films is incalculable. I grew up in a small rural town films Roth in my only glimpse into a larger world outside of the news empathy, compassion and understanding can all be gained if you look at movies as an expression and take the time to consider the film's point of view and Zach did share some of the titles that have had the biggest impact on him I think you're gonNA. Hear all if not most of them come up over the course of this show Zach continues in all honesty I don't think I have grasped the scope of. Of Institutional. Racism in the systems that support until I watched the George. Floyd video the Eric Garner Video Floyd Video. These are wrenching documentaries of another type. They are unvarnished documents of the cause of fear, and so many of our communities like other powerful films. They can't be turned away from, nor should they be thank Zach I. I think that's that's well said and yeah. Just back to what you're saying at the top atom about trying to figure out what the show should look like this week I I think we've both been trying to do a lot of listening this week. More listening than speaking and in doing that I've heard people of color just encourage others to amplify black voices so. I think that's kind of one of the motivations behind this list, for us, obviously I'm going to be doing talking on this show as usual, but but what I hope to do is turn the focus on these great films, and the necessary voices behind them, so speaking to email you know to my shame I've only had two real ways into the African American experience in my life, I would say one of those is my church tradition. It's absolutely a white church tradition for sure, but it has included partnerships with black churches. That's helped me understand what Christianity looks like for folks with different experiences than minds, so that's one avenue. Another avenue has been. In an avenue into the black experience has been. Are you know it's been books? It's been music. It's been TV, and of course it's mostly been movies, so this list is a reflection of where things stand now. It's not a comprehensive list. I don't pretend that my education on this is even near complete. So that means this time. If we get emails from listeners saying, how could you forget this or you include this rat rather than kind of Bristle? I'm going to be grateful because they'll be providing ways for that education to continue so so that's kind of where I'm at with this list right now. The best thing I think we can do is listen and learn I've heard that. This past week as well we don't always as white people have to feel compelled to comment or to interject ourselves into someone else's struggle, and that raises the question then. Should we do a show at all right now? At the same time you understand that to be silent seems to be complicit, and then if you decide to do a show, you have to consider what the substance of it is, and certainly I think I speak for both of us when I say that our objective is not to try to tell anyone that these are the five movies that define your experience. But to try to express what we've learned from cinema. How movies have informed our worldview and informed our alignment with the notion that should be self, evident and indisputable that black lives matter,

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