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Clayton Neville, George Floyd And Minneapolis discussed on John Bachelor


S. in Dallas correspondent Clayton Neville talked with the demonstrators calling for justice following the in custody death of George Floyd in Minneapolis this man the death of George Floyd represent struggles in the black community too much wasted with the trying to make eagle may police used tear gas to disperse crowds as stores were looted and windows shattered nearly ninety people were arrested in Philadelphia correspondent Brian Todd says things turned ugly thirteen a police officers were injured seven of them were injured by with chemical burns to the face of the had things thrown at them and they were confronting the looters and rioters target temporarily closing a hundred and seventy five stores amid the protests the National Guard called in to help keep the peace in a growing number of cities including Los Angeles California congresswoman cal senator Kamala Harris said independent investigations are needed into police abuses at Abu Sadeq as the leaders appealed for calm amid the chaos on the streets they've been handing out masks and warning demonstrators they were putting themselves at risk Atlanta mayor Keisha lance bottoms says there is still a pandemic in America that's killing black and brown people at higher numbers and she further advised if you were out protesting you probably need to go get a code nineteen tests this week.

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